All Things Inventory

In case you haven’t heard, the Bootcamp is right around the corner! Under a month away, this intensive training event, hosted in Chicago, IL, is your chance to dig into the vital features of your RQ retail management system. Attendees will hone their operational skills with actionable takeaways, enabling them to become power users of RQ.

Today, I will be focusing on Inventory. If you are the inventory or store manager of a wireless retail store, you are likely very familiar with creating purchase orders, transferring products between stores, and submitting products on RMA. Each task takes time, attention to detail, and a variety of steps, processes, and challenges in order to be completed.


Understanding your inventory needs across the organization is important to ensure that your customers have access to the products they are looking for. Perhaps equally important are the tools and processes your organization has in place make sure the orders are accurate, inventory quantities in stores are adequate, and appropriate quantities are ordered and transferred between stores based on sales data and trends. Without a comprehensive understanding of all the facets of inventory, would this even be possible? We don’t think so.

One of the sessions, Everything You Need to Know About Inventory Counts, will provide the know-how you need on making your processes more efficient. Dive into setting up auto ordering and Min/​Max settings. It will go over the details of how to leverage all the tools and partner integrations for the most accurate ordering system. You will also be provided with best practices for setting your inventory up in such a way that saves you time and money, focusing on features like Vendor Managed Inventory, Auto Transfer, and Auto out reporting as min/​max calculator.

Another big part of your inventory role— and one that you may dread— is auditing. Inventory audits make it easy to manage in-store overhead and dead stock. In another session, Be a Better Operator: Auditing Best Practices , you will get hands-on training on 3-way purchase orders, non-sellable procedures, reconciling invoice, and how to effectively manage RMA with aged serialized reporting. The session will flesh out the why” with insights into what you offer that customers aren’t buying and create a plan for what to do when that happens.


Finally, in dealing with inventory you will experience the inevitable; even with all the right tools at your disposal, there will be times where you could experience stock-outs. But there is a solution! Having virtual stock can be the difference between closing a sale and money walking out the door. Knowing what products, you have and what you can order means always saying yes to what a customer wants. In one of our other inventory sessions, A Deep Dive: Inventory in Hub, makes you a master of tracking so you can always see where items are, keeping customers satisfied. 

The inventory track at Bootcamp is designed to give you all the tools and the extensive training you need on how to use them for fluid inventory management to help you save time and money. Who doesn’t want that?

Check out the full agenda and sign up today for Bootcamp, May 5-7 in the Windy City, Chicago, IL. Space is limited, so act fast!