A Look Back at the RQ Bootcamp

The first annual RQ Bootcamp was held this past week at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort and it went off without a hitch. Okay, there were a few stumbles from some of our freshman presenters, but let’s face it, these only the created funny and memorable moments we will cherish. More importantly, all presenters effectively shared their breadth of knowledge and years of experience with all of those in attendance.

I’m going to pause here because I don’t want that last sentence to go understated. In order to really show how iQmetrix was able to impact our clients and provide a comprehensive knowledge of RQ, simply take a look at these sessions that were offered:

Inventory Track

  • Inventory Auditing
  • Virtual Inventory
  • You Don’t Know
  • Intelligent Ordering

Operations Track

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Customer Relationships
  • Transactions Inventivized
  • Do’s & Don’ts 
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Customer Centric

Finance Track

  • Complicated Numbers
  • Power Tools
  • Inventory Finance
  • Reconciliation Part 1 & Part 2

Reporting Track

  • Your Data Your Way
  • Customer Centric
  • Data Driven Subscriptions
  • Commission Deconstructed
  • Hub Analytics

What did you learn?

When this question was asked while onsite, there was a commonality between all in attendance. Everyone reiterated the sheer volume of content they witnessed left them overwhelmed, but also with a sense of urgency to get back home and start to implement strategies learned at the RQ Bootcamp. I had many conversations with our clients while at the event and everyone had very positive feedback. On the iQmetrix side, my fellow employees were extremely excited to not only share their knowledge, but to put faces to the names of the people that they’ve been conversing with over the phone.

With that, let’s take a quick glance at a few of the sessions from the 2018 RQ Bootcamp.


Breakfast Welcome Session

Our Bootcamp started off on the terrace outside, with Stacy Hamer and Steve Macdonald kicking things off with their eye opening initial session. They started things off with a funny, albeit confusing joke, when they told everyone that they had a child; RQ. But the metaphor paid off, as we understood that RQ is their baby and their roles at iQmetrix have allowed them to go through the process of parenting their child through its formative years. They touched on some improvements that we’re making by taking out pieces of RQ that don’t necessarily need to live within the product (instead utilizing API’s to connect those functionalities back to RQ). This will speed up RQ and means that, in some cases, functionalities can be fixed without the need for a new RQ version.

Power Tools

This session, led by Juan Sanchez and Michele Wyatt, was our most attended session of the RQ Bootcamp. I’m not sure how Juan and Michele had enough room to bring all those tools” with them, but they enlightened our clients with many ways to elevate your usage of RQ’s powerful reporting and analytics capabilities.


RQ: Year in Review

Cory and Kris wrapped up RQ’s evolution throughout 2017. iQmetrix refocused on Wireless which brought many increased functionalities and features to our products, but mainly to our flagship RQ product. Sprinkled throughout this RQ throwback were some industry related events that helped to mold the wireless landscape over the course of 2017.

Data Driven Subscriptions

I was in the Data Driven Subscriptions’ session and can say first-hand that there were many ooh’s and awe’s as Lauren and Jonathan explained how intuitive reporting can be. Namely, how you can create a single report, on a subscription basis, that will pull out the data unique to the user. Yes, that’s right; one report that customizes itself so you don’t have to create separate reports for each of your employees, locations, etc. It’s almost too good to be true!


Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning; two words that’ll make anyone cringe. But somehow, Brett and Carma were able to make this one of the more fun sessions! It probably had something to do with their ample energy while on stage. Through the laughs and good times, they demonstrated the value of a clean database, and in most cases, just how easy it is to clean up your maybe less-than-organized database. Specifically, when the #DatabaseAdminFairies are leveraged.


Talk about in-depth content! In fact, there was so much content to provide for this section of RQ that we needed to split it into two separate sessions! Adam Wiebe, accompanied by Carma in session 1 and Brett in session 2, wowed us with their knowledge in this subject matter. This facet of your business is extremely important to your business’ viability. It’s your way to manage commissions being received from your carrier and correct any discrepancies that you may find. I’d be surprised if you weren’t an expert on all things reconciliation after attending each of these sessions.


Statflo Sessions

Our premiere sponsor for the Bootcamp, Statflo brought with them some industry related sessions and shared with our clients their knowledge and experience within the Wireless landscape. They covered how important it is to create meaningful relationships with your customer and also to make sure that you’re staying in touch with your clients and not taking them for granted. They also touched on some specific management techniques that can be leveraged to get the most out of your sales reps.

Interested in owning all the content from the RQ Bootcamp? The RQ Bootcamp Resource Library is your all-access pass to all things RQ. Covering session content with slide deck PDFs, videos, and handouts, it’s everything you need to master your POS.