A CES Map for Wireless Retailers

From January 912­, 2018, the CES consumer electronics conference will heat up the otherwise cool Las Vegas sands. As expected, CES brings with it a plethora of content packed sessions and great keynote speakers. To help you take full advantage of the full event agenda, I’ve put together my top attractions for a wireless retailer, leaving you some space to fill out your schedule as you see fit.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Over the last couple of years, the dynamic duo of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been an innovative technology segment and it looks as though this trend will continue into 2018. There have been many advances in both VR and AR, but it’s augmented reality that I find intriguing for business owners and consumers alike. Utilization of AR enables consumers to digitally interact with the physical world — even if it’s not right in front of them. This powerful, cutting-edge technology can showcase your companies’ forward thinking and provide your consumers with a unique retail experience they won’t soon forget.

While at CES, you’ll find 10+ sessions and a keynote covering virtual and augmented reality. I believe the latter to be a must-attend’ as Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich will be talking about How Data is Shaping Innovation of the Future.”

Fitness & Wearables

It’s no secret that the #1 New Year’s Resolution every year has to do with working out and getting in shape. If you’re like me, the motivation usually wears off by the end of January, after having put in an honest effort in that first month. This year, get-fit efforts will likely include using some type of wearable technology that can keep track of how well you’re doing. Many, if not all, of the fitness wearables are accompanied with connected apps that facilitate the flow of information to the consumer’s cell phone. So while you’ve likely planned which fitness items will stock your shelves in January, CES offers you a chance to catch up on the latest trends that can keep you one step ahead of your competition.

CES offers 10, information-packed sessions that speak to all aspects of fitness technology.

Robotics & Machine Intelligence

2017 offered the largest breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Sophie becoming the world’s first recognized robot-citizen. Since this is not only scary (especially if you’ve seen the interviews with Sophie), but also the first step to robots taking over the world, I suggest you get on their good side and see how AI can be incorporated into your business.

With 13 sessions and 2 keynotes, CES is bringing you up to speed on how AI will shape our future.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of what will be at CES — the complete agenda can be found here — I think it provides a great base of sessions to start with as you customize your experience.

Don’t forget! While you’re out exploring CES, stop by the iQmetrix hosted Cocktail Hour at the MGM Grand Hotel’s Centrifuge bar on January 9th!