89% of Aussie MasterCard Users Tap to Pay at Fast Food Restaurants

News.com.au reported (April 18) that the number of Australians using Mastercard’s NFC tap-to-pay technology to buy fast food increased, amid the nation’s growing obesity crisis.

Data by card scheme MasterCard show the number of customers waving their cards to pay at fast food outlets has climbed to 89% — a jump of 27% in the past year,” News.com.au wrote.

This is despite the number of contactless payment terminals remaining stable in the same period.”

Fast food and movie ticket buyers are in a hurry; NFC helps them check out faster.

According to MasterCard, the biggest jump in Australian contactless payments in the past year was in movie theatres, which saw an increase of 54%, going from 25% to 79% year-over-year.

I’m not sure if this data indicates NFC necessarily contributes to Australia’s obesity problem; perhaps it’s more of an indication that the technology is convenient and consumers are more comfortable using it this year than they were last year.

People buying fast food and movie tickets/​popcorn are in a hurry. The spike in NFC use is more related to that hurry than obesity, in my opinion.