8 Simple Changes to Set Your Wireless Store Up for Success

The beginning of a new year offers a great opportunity for retailers to assess their processes and identify places to improve efficiency. Every retailer’s goal should be to increase revenue from the year before, and sometimes all it takes to achieve a greater level of success is to make a few simple changes to existing operations. So, instead of using precious time and energy attempting to reinvent the wheel, consider some of the simple adjustments below in order to set your wireless store up for success in 2018.

Offer perfect service

The quality of customer service is what differentiates wireless stores that largely sell the same products. Offering friendly, informed, and flexible service is an effective way to drive sales and validate the in-store experience. Providing extensive staff training is obviously essential, but so is implementing technology that makes accessing information about products, services, or customers as seamless as possible.

Animate your signage

service at apple

A printed sign communicates one message, does little to grab attention, and requires tedious work to keep updated. Digital signage is just the opposite. The ability to animate and automate signage turns this normally static element of a store into a dynamic sales tool. Customers are more engaged as a result, and stores that specialize in high-tech equipment gain a high-tech ambiance to match.

Cull your inventory

The smaller your inventory is, the more customers focus on the benefits and features of individual items. Plus, less cluttered stores look more appealing and are easier to navigate. Studying customer data reveals what products and messages deserve to have real estate in the store. Better still, resources like Endless Aisle and Dropship allow stores to display less without selling less.

Get the customer’s perspective

Take some pictures of your store from the road, parking lot, sidewalk, front door, and throughout the space. Then study those pictures to understand what your customers are seeing. Simple fixes like burnt out bulbs, bad landscaping, or overflowing trash cans become apparent when you adjust your perspective.

Streamline checkout

A survey of consumers revealed the checkout line is the biggest pain point for 73% of consumers. It’s also the final impression they get before leaving a store. A next-generation POS system makes the process fast and flexible while opening up the potential of mobile payments. Not only is payment easier for the consumer, but more consumer data is stored and tracked to further upgrade the experience.

Evaluate everything

evaluate your store

Some of the most common and consequential mistakes are essentially invisible. They go unnoticed simply because wireless retailers are not setting benchmarks and tracking performance carefully enough. Objectively evaluating every aspect of a business is not easy to do unless technology is in place to manage data, enable analytics, and automate as much of the effort as possible.

Create your own holiday

Hosting a fun and unique holiday is a way to increase foot traffic and identify your store as an exciting place to shop. For instance, hosting a Selfie Celebration” with unique props and backdrops builds enthusiasm without relying on straightforward sales copy. Once you have developed an idea for your holiday,” make sure to synthesize your marketing efforts across channels to generate the most buzz.

Stand out

The wireless retail market is crowded with near-identical competitors. Stores that make an effort to stand out through creative marketing, bold messaging, aggressive pricing, or impeccable service give people a reason to visit the store and an incentive to become a loyal customer. Doing things well is important, but so too is doing things differently.

The retail sector ended 2017 with a bang, reporting stronger-than-expected sales across the board. However, this does not mean that success in 2018 is guaranteed. For wireless stores to excel in the competitive retail landscape, it’s crucial retailers assess themselves thoroughly, and commit to making simple yet effective changes that will turn a good year into a great one.

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