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7 Signs the Future of Digital Retail is Here

By Allan Pulga Mar 25, 2015


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Date: March 24, 2015

Published by: Commercial Integrator Europe

iQmetrix’ XQ Interactive Retail

Similar to Panasonic’s Adidas experience, iQmetrix showcased the XQ Interactive Retail platform that combines content management with digital signage to completely reform the retail environment.

The company knows that “as customer expectations continue to evolve, retailers must create a seamless shopping experience that integrates technologies and services to provide a familiar, brand-driven experience regardless of where or how the customer is buying.” In short, the retail store is changing from a transactional model to an experiential one.

DSE attendants were able to browse a selection of Saxx products to get to know the platform, which provides customer education on each brand or product, a digital extension of shelf space (since an infinite number of products can be displayed on the CMS) and the ability to enact in-store or for-delivery transactions.

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