5 Ways Wireless Retailers Can Respond to the New iPhone Releases

In an unprecedented move, Apple has announced three new iPhones simultaneously — the iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, and the highly-anticipated iPhone X. The iPhone is one of the few products that sparks interest and sales simply with its announcement — but this influx of new phones on the market leaves wireless retailers in a precarious position. How do retailers market the new iPhones when everyone else is marketing it, too?

1. Highlight new features

There are a certain number of customers who are prepared to buy a new iPhone every year. But many others don’t currently own an iPhone or have no plans to upgrade the one they have. Grabbing this share of the market is a huge opportunity for wireless retailers, but it requires an extensive customer acquisition campaign.

Consumers who aren’t already dedicated iPhone users must understand what makes it appealing over other phones and why the newest versions are better than the phone they already have. By highlighting the best and newest features, like the amazing camera on the iPhone 8 or how the iPhone X uses face recognition technology, you can start selling customers on the new releases.

2. Rely on omnichannel sales

large line of people iphone new phone

Just because a customer already has an iPhone with one carrier, doesn’t mean they won’t buy their next one from somewhere else. In order to keep current customers — and court potential ones — it’s best to use an omnichannel approach. In-store sales of each new release will be significant, but the customer path should start well before they ever step foot in the store.

Using a cell phone store POS system and customer relationship management (CRM) system can help target consumers on their preferred channels from pre-release until conversion. A true omnichannel sales experience incorporates in-store, online, and cross-device purchasing options, and allows wireless retailers to capture the most sales possible.

3. Use digital signage and touchscreens

Wireless retailers should use visuals to their advantage. From website to TV commercials, advertisements to in-store signs, your marketing message should be aligned between platforms. There are so many features the iPhone 8, 8+, and X each offer. Digital signage enables you to advertise all these new features without taking up too much valuable in-store real estate. With this technology, you can switch between advertisements depending on the time of day, the busyness of the store, and other variables.

Consider displaying advertisements comparing the full product speculations of the three new iPhones so that customers can easily decide what’s best for them. Interactive displays and touchscreens like Endless Aisle can also empower consumers by giving them access to information about the entire product line.

4. Devise generous perks

It’s not possible for wireless retailers to sell new iPhones for less than Apple itself. That means they have to get strategic when creating financial incentives. While many retailers offer buy-back programs or cheaper deals on old phone models, retailers can get a step ahead by offering giveaways on new phones in a package deal.

Smart wireless retailers will add on accessories and other bonus gifts to thank customers for their loyalty or to build relationships with new customers. Your CRM system should track which items your repeat customers have purchased in the past, and can help you decide how to devise customized perks to encourage a sale.

5. Focus on customer data

new iphone X

Not everyone wants the iPhone X — the $1,000 price tag is more than most people want to pay. Rather than leaving your marketing mix a guessing game, look at historical customer data and try and determine who would be most interested in the model, and which channels you should use to target them. Some people may always upgrade to the newest models, while others are more concerned with features like advanced cameras or extended battery life. Similarly, some customers respond well to email campaigns, while others are likely to land on your e-commerce site through an Instagram ad or text message. By reviewing your customer data, you can make sure you’re targeting your customers most effectively.

With three new iPhones announced this season, wireless retailers have their hands full. But with the right marketing solutions, this influx of new iPhones can provide a great opportunity for retailers to target the right phone to the right customer. Strategic marketing, both in-store and online, can make you stand out above the competition and turn Q4 into your best quarter yet.

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Photo Credits: Shutterstock / YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV, Shutterstock / Filipe Frazao, Shutterstock / matteo_it