5 Tips to Get More Customers to Your Cellphone Store

With the surge towards online shopping, is the end near for traditional wireless retail space? 

This shift towards online shopping can be attributed to many things such as new technology, changing consumer trends, and the behavior of millennials (just to name a few). But will this shift result in a total collapse? The answer is no. Although an e-commerce presence is vital within the retail space, it’s proven that shoppers still value an in-store experience, especially when it comes to electronics. According to eMarketer Retail, nearly 70% of shoppers still prefer to make purchases in-store vs. digitally. With this, my focus today will be on tips to get more customers into your wireless store… and keep them coming back!

1. Complimentary Wi-Fi

As we all know, unlimited data is no longer the norm but the consumer’s need to feel connected anytime, anywhere is greater than ever. Introducing complimentary Wi-Fi into your store for your shoppers can ease this pain point. In a report completed by IHL Group, 28% of retailers claimed they experienced a positive impact on customer loyalty as a result of offering in-store Wi-Fi with an associated 2% increase in sales.

2. Charging Stations

What’s the biggest fear of smartphone owners today? That phone going dead. Offer your consumers peace of mind and give them the option to charge their phone in your store. This can be as simple as grabbing a few extra chargers on hand and setting up an area dedicated to refuelling mobile devices, or installing mobile charging stations that keep phones secure so consumers can mill about and come back to pick up their phone. What’s the harm in keeping consumers in your store for just a while longer?

3. Hydration Station

Mobile devices are not the only things that need to be recharged. Shopping can be tough work. Offering simple refreshments such as water, tea, or coffee is an inexpensive gesture and provides shoppers a great experience. Whether they’re in the middle of a transaction, waiting to be helped, or just passing by, this could be the reason they stop or stay in your store.

4. Special Events

People love excitement and the chance to win! In-store giveaways or contests are sure-fire ways to create buzz and get shoppers in your store. Think about enhancing these events by featuring live music or refreshments and snacks to stand apart from others trying to do the same thing. Although this could cost more than other initiatives, it provides benefit beyond the event day. Customer information collected can be used through the following months to keep your brand top of mind and get consumers back to your store.

5. Educational Workshops

Give your customers the support they need. Providing educational opportunities such as workshops to help your customers learn how to use their devices or related products will set your brand apart. Phones can be complicated so whether it’s specific tools, how-to’s, or maybe general FAQ information, your customers will be grateful and won’t leave your store empty minded or handed. Even better, the next time they’re looking for a wireless device or accessory, their previous experience will be top of mind and they likely won’t shop around before making a purchase.

These are just a handful of ways you can increase foot traffic to your cellphone store. To find the exact answer as to what will work for your company, ensure you know your customer base and focus efforts towards what will speak to, and provide the most value, to them.

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