5 Things to Discover at NRF 2017 - Courtesy of iQmetrix Payments

It’s that time of the year again. A time when the iQmetrix office is abuzz with last minute deadline pushes, excited conversations, and lavish booth decorations- it’s time for Retail’s Big Show. 

The exhibition sees 33,000 attendees, 510 exhibitors, and more than 300 speakers descend upon New York’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center to witness the latest retail trends and learn from top industry experts. With so much to experience and so little time to do it in, we here at iQmetrix Payments decided to share our top five things to watch out for at NRF’s Big Show.

1. Impressive Keynote Speakers

From keynote speakers including Virgin Group’s Sir Richard Branson to diverse panel discussions with retail powerhouses such as Wal-Mart, Ikea, and Macy’s, we’re getting giddy just thinking about the visionaries set to hit the stage. The topics and speakers are sure to challenge your understanding of building an omni-channel brand, enhancing the digital experience for your customers, and learning how best to take advantage of key retail trends. A session that iQmetrix Payments is particularly excited for focuses on the evolution of consumer behaviour and how economic conditions have lasting implications on spending behaviour. Check out a full list of keynote speakers and topics here.

2. iQmetrix is Redefining Retail

With the theme of Retail Redefined”, the NRF 2017 iQmetrix booth is sure to both amaze and inspire its retail audience. Built from a unique arrangement of stacked shipping containers, this year’s booth highlights the latest and greatest iQmetrix technology, partners with distinct brands to showcase their in-store experience, and weaves the iQmetrix brand story throughout our entire product family. From its shear size and scale to our interactive product demos, there is sure to be something for everyone at the iQmetrix booth. Make sure to check us out at booth #4323!

3. Ingenico’s Hottest Product Launch 

In addition to keynote addresses and sponsored entertainment, attendees will be first on the scene for exclusive product launches. One such launch, the release of a new line of Telium TETRA smart terminals by Ingenico, has our attention. These next generation payment devices bridge the gap between counter and mobile payment with their support of Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. Their smart capability allows them to access a unique catalog of over 2,500 payment applications in 170 countries, while Ingenico’s Marketplace offers unprecedented access to merchant business apps to enhance the customer experience. Ingenico’s ability to provide innovative payment technology while focusing on the customer, puts their booth at the top of our list to visit.

4. Witness the Latest From iQmetrix Payments

Speaking of demonstrations to check out, the iQmetrix Payment’s team will be conducting live demos for the first time ever at an NRF event. Terminal Manager, the payment team’s latest service endeavour, allows merchants to extend their branding and deploy promotional screens across their fleet of terminals. Our product expert will be showing a live demo on the Ingenico iSC480 of how to upload custom images to the web app and schedule screen updates to be timed with seasonal campaign releases. In addition to deploying custom screens, we will walk you through the user-friendly look and feel of our hub interface, where you can view important terminal information such as location and update history. You can even schedule firmware updates to be deployed right from the app. Our iQmetrix Payments area will also display real use cases for Terminal Manager on the Verifone Mx915 and Ingenico’s iSC250 and iPP350. In addition to Terminal Manager, our payment experts will be onsite to answer your questions about the iQmetrix Merchant Services program. If you’re looking for payment expertise, transparent pricing, and the largest selection of certified hardware devices, then be sure to stop by the iQmetrix booth and ask for the Payments Nook.

5. Did Someone Say Robots? 

If themes such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and virtual reality get you excited, then make sure to stop by the NRF Innovation Lab. Started as a small booth display nestled in the back of the exhibit floor, the Innovation Lab has quickly grown in both size and creativity. Over three days a host of companies will showcase their cutting-edge products and futuristic technologies in a 7 minute live pitch-off called the Innovation Series. All sessions include a moderated Q&A where the audience can ask hard hitting questions to each development team. You can find the session schedule here.

So there you have it, five things that the iQmetrix Payments team definitely thinks you should check out at the 2017 Retail’s Big Show. From impressive keynote addresses to our very own product demo to innovative retail technology and everything in between, Retail’s Big Show is going to be one for the books. 

For more information about what iQmetrix will be showing at the expo or book a tour, visit the link below.