4 Ways Your Cell Phone Retail Store Can Go Green This #WorldEnvironmentDay

If you’ve checked Twitter lately, you will see that today — June 5th—is #WorldEnvironmentDay. World Environment Day is the United Nations’ most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment.” This initiative of global environmental awareness is the people’s day” for doing something to take care of the Earth meaning that you can go green in your local cell phone retail shop, across your network of shops, and anywhere in between!

2018s theme is Beat Plastic Pollution.” Let’s take that a step further to consider tactics your store can adopt to beat plastic, paper, and carbon pollution. Shoppers are developing green habits and retailers need to keep up with these new consumer practices to continue to win their business. Is there an easier way to please your customers while still creating great shopping experiences?

Here are 4 easy tactics you can use to get started in going green.

1. Let Your POS Do The Work

Get rid of plastic bags and switch to reusable or recyclable paper bags. Better yet, train your staff to ask customers if they need a bag at all. Your POS is a powerful retail tool and is more than capable of providing helpful prompts for your employees. You can edit transaction settings to prompt staff to ask for a bag and count the number of bags used that day.

If you haven’t done so already, start sending email receipts instead of paper receipts. Ask shoppers to enter their email address to get an electronic copy. RQ makes it easy to switch to email receipts. The additional benefits of email receipts are the customer marketing opportunities. Gather customer feedback, promote your social media channels and in-store promotions to your email list.

2. Green Marketing

Speaking of marketing, now that your retail store has gone green, let your customers know! Be sure to announce to shoppers of your green efforts through in-store signage. According to a Nielson global online study of millennial shoppers, 66% of global respondents say they’re willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact”.

In-store advertising can be less wasteful by swapping out paper and plastic signage for highly interactive Digital Signage. Using digital solutions in your store displays your advertising beautifully. Announce your green efforts, post tips of how to live sustainably to position yourself as a leader in your community.

Bonus: Using Digital Signage over paper or plastic signage also saves time! It can take hours per month switching out signs – time better used for your staff to sell your amazing products!


3. Offer a Cell Phone Trade-In Program

RQ’s integrated partners offer mobile trade-in solutions to make trade-in easy, accurate and profitable. Does your carrier offer trade-in incentive programs?

We encourage your store start a mobile device recycling program. Consider offering discounts on accessories or packages. Check out Saskatchewan’s (that’s right, we’re Canadian!) interactive where you can see exactly how much gold, silver, palladium, and copper you’re saving by recycling a mobile device or laptop.

4. Reward Employees Going Green

Make sure your staff are encouraged — even rewarded — for adopting green habits. At your next staff meeting, have a brainstorm session on sustainable habits. Think about ideas such as an employee recycling program, an employee ride-share program even give your employees space to park their bikes. Give employees small rewards for embracing these initiatives such as gift cards or free swag!

It’s so exciting to see worldwide initiatives to raise awareness of environmental impact and iQmetrix is proud to adopt green initiatives. In the Spring, our Vancouver office took an afternoon to pick up garbage in Stanley Park. They sloshed through rain, rocks, and rivers – but it was worth it for this great cause! Another way iQmetrix is creating great experiences. Want to do the same? You can learn more about environmental initiatives by visiting their website.


Not only does sustainable retail help the environment, it also benefits your store’s bottom line by pleasing your customers. Satisfying shoppers is about improving your in-store experience and if these environmental changes can make a difference for the better, why not go green to save green? While you’re at it, learn even more exciting opportunities you can improve your customer’s shopping experience!

Shutterstock / Anatoly Tiplyashin, hedgehog94