3 Ways to Introduce Endless Aisle Without Impacting Your Merchandising Strategy

Sometimes indirect dealers are faced with a lot of carrier restrictions which can create issues when trying to streamline their daily operations. But don’t worry! Retail solutions are ready to help. An in-store virtual experience can help you meet your goals while adhering to restrictions.

Here are 3 Endless Aisle implementations that won’t affect your merchandising strategy or go against your carrier mandates.

Sophie 1.png1.Mounting tablet to an existing kiosk

Heading into the holiday season, retailers are reminded how busy their stores can get and that there aren’t always enough sales associates to handle the volume of customers. Endless Aisle on tablets, mounted directly to displays or kiosks and amongst merchandise, allows customers to browse your products on their own while they wait for a sales associate to be available or for a family member to finish shopping. By giving customers the ability to search additional products and find further information — such as product availability, colour options, and specifications— their perceived wait time will decrease, and they will have a more positive customer experience. 

83% of shoppers will choose a digital option over asking a sales associate for assistance.”

Sophie 2.png

2. Hip-to-hip sales assist

Have spare tablets in your store that you want to make the most of during the busiest months? Install Endless Aisle on each one and put the tablets directly into the hands of your sales associates so they can walk customers through their options right there on the sales floor. Through this, your sales associates get direct access to product details, availability, and specifications for your inventory.

New sales associates can also use the tablet as a training tool. If they get asked about a product they’ve never sold, it’s no problem!. After a quick scan of the product on Endless Aisle, they can speak to the customer with authority and be the expert with all the answers at their fingertips.

60% of consumers would feel more confident in service if they saw associates using tablets or smartphones to help customers.”

Sophie 3.png

3. Customer facing screen at POS

Nobody likes waiting, especially if that time has to be spent without our phones to use as a distraction. Customer facing Endless Aisle screens mounted as your POS counter can solve this problem during phone activations or repairs. On average, people check their phones 150 times per day and spend 177 minutes using them. So, if phone activations take 30-40 minutes, consumer-facing screens can appease that habit while customers wait, browsing through additional products to add to their purchase. With the integration with iQmetrix’s point of sale system RQ, Endless Aisle baskets move straight to the POS and are merged with the customers existing order — they only need to swipe their credit card once.

With these Endless Aisle implementation options, your merchandising strategy isn’t negatively impacted and your business can thrive. The interactive retail experience keeps customers engaged during busy hours and empowers your sales associates to provide instantaneous product information to customers. Great service means great experiences that bring customers back, time and again.

Curious to learn how Endless Aisle has benefited retailers today? Read our case study here to discover how a 370-location wireless retailer was able to grow their sales by nearly 7000% using a combination of Endless Aisle and Dropship.

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