3 Design Considerations for Enhancing the In-Store Experience

The opening of Apple’s new flagship store in San Francisco brings to light many ideas about how to create the best in-store experience for customers. Not only is the store breathtaking, but it’s also a great example of what tomorrow’s store should take into consideration.

1. Know Your Audience

While not every company has the massive budget that Apple does it’s important to consider your audience when designing a store. The in-store experience starts the instant your customers enter the store. From the crisp lines to the large glass doors, Apple creates an experience for their customers. They understand that the products their customers love have a specific type of aesthetic and they’ve translated that aesthetic into their store design. Consider your audience when choosing décor and technology to enhance your space. 

2. Creatively Complement Your Merchandise 

Apple plays perfectly into this by offering space for their customers to come and hang out”. They want their store not only to sell merchandise, but also to be somewhere that their customers want to be. You don’t have to have a fifth of your store dedicated to lounge space” to provide a great experience. I’ve been in stores that have offered me a bottle of water while I was shopping or a comfy chair to sit in. It can sometimes be the small things that make the most impact.

3. Leverage Technology Wisely

It’s important to consider technology when developing an in-store design. While it can be an asset in aiding customers it can also be a hindrance. Apple uses technology to their advantage but they have also added personal touch with their staff and the addition of Creative Pros, staff that are specifically assigned to assist customers with questions about music playlists, design and more. A great way of adding technology to your store is by using a digital signage or an endless aisle solution. Both can be a powerful tool to help create a fantastic experience. Just keep in mind that the technology needs to complement and enhance your in-store experience.


While Apple is a technology company and many cool technological features can be seen throughout the store design is essential to creating the ideal in-store experience. Apple takes design to the extreme and while not every retail store can emulate the experience on the same scale, they provide some great tips on what retailers should consider when looking to their future store design.