2010 Year in Review: Top Wireless News Headlines

Of the five years that we’ve been publishing News & Views, I can honestly say that 2010 was the most exciting year for covering wireless news, devices and industry trends. It was a watershed year for new technology (i.e. smartphones, operating systems and tablets) and, more importantly, for widespread consumer adoption of that technology.

Just as the famous line goes, in the movie Field Of Dreams: If you build it, they will come,” so did this new technology lead to record numbers of new users. In 2010, millions of people started using the devices and their respective operating systems for the first time, they began connecting with their friends via Facebook and opened Twitter accounts, they downloaded apps for the first time, and became acquainted with location-based services like Foursquare and discount services like Groupon. Many other consumers bought their first tablet computer in 2010.

It’s sort of the like the chicken or the egg phenomenon –- tough to determine whether high smartphone adoption rates led to the rapid advancement of OS platforms and apps, or vice versa. It’s pretty safe to say it’s all happening at once, which is precisely why 2010 was so exciting.

Competition between device manufacturers and carriers is as fierce as ever and with so many choices available, there’s never been a better time to be a wireless consumer. The industry, as always, is in rapid flux and the high level of competition between companies only accelerates product and service development.

Looking back at the top wireless headlines of 2009, it’s clear that 2009 set the table for smartphone technology, operating systems, apps and usage. 2010 was when it really took off.

Smartphones and Apps: The New Face of Mobility
Competition in U.S. Smartphone Market Heats Up
Global Smartphone Shipments Jump 67% in Q1
Most Smartphone Owners Not Loyal to Their Brand: Survey
iSuppli: Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies from Q1 2010
IDC: Smartphone Sales to Jump 55% in 2010
Google Launches First Branded Phone, Nexus One, Jan. 5

Smartphone OS: The New Guts of Mobility
Windows Phone 7 Debuts at 2010 MWC Barcelona
A Look at Windows Phone 7 Reviews
AdMob: Droid Dominates U.S. Android Traffic
Android Venture Paying Off for Verizon
Android Phones Outsell iPhone in First Half of 2010
Gartner: Android Running 25% of World’s Smartphones
Google Debuts First Gingerbread” Phone, the Nexus S

Introducing… The Tablet
Tablet PCs: The Darling of 2010 CES
Apple’s International iPad Launch a Success
Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab, Android-based Tablet
Gartner: Tablet Sales to Reach 19.5 Million Units in 2010
RIM Pricing PlayBook Below $500
Corporate Users Embracing iPad Alternatives

M-Commerce Goes Mainstream
Growing Market for Location-based Ads and Mobile Coupons
M-Commerce: Will Mobile Payment Gain Mainstream Acceptance?
Foursquare and its Potential for Wireless Retailers
Bank of America Trial Launching Mobile Payment
Mashable: Top 5 M-Commerce Trends for 2010

Carriers Look for New Ways to Compete
Prepaid, Unlimited Price War Continues
Sprint to Launch First 4G Phone this Summer
A Look at Verizon’s Exclusive Skype Deal
Verizon Announces New Prepaid Data Options
T-Mobile: Subscribers Chose Google over Yahoo!
Report: AT&T’s Exclusive iPhone Deal Runs until 2012