10th Annual iQmetrix Summit: Coaching Performance with Kurt Reinhart

I just want you to take one thing from my session,” said Kurt Reinhart. And bring it home and use it.”

You’re not just selling phones -- you’re selling service and an experience.Kurt Reinhart

Kurt’s session was broken into four sections: Context, Team, Plan and Take-Away.


  • Trick Question: Is training coaching? (Answer: Yes and no.)
  • If I asked you what coaching is to you, what would you say?
  • You’re not just selling phones -- you’re selling service and an experience.
  • Performance: If you’re an owner, you look at performance differently than a manager does.

Get to know your team and they will respond to your coaching.Kurt Reinhart


  • People vary (Skippy, Todd and Mary): Range of work tenure; all been trained (sales & operations), equal amount of selling time and opportunities, personality plays a part in selling
  • Coaching planning: Scorecards, programs, manuals and documentation. Employees need to know what’s expected of them.
  • Coaching place: Are you coaching in the food court? Come on. You need one-on-one meetings, weekly performance reviews. Alternate meetings with every rep. (Do it all in one day -- just 10-15mins per rep!) Reps are assigned to review numbers and root cause.
  • CARE sheet: Coaching, Acknowledgement, Respect and Empathy. Get to know your team and they will respond to your coaching.

Skippy is not selling a lot, but customers like him.
- Welcome is strong.
- Discovery phase lacking (needs better questions).
- Moves slowly through the question.
- Mentions he was dealing with relationship issues.

Todd wrote nothing on his CARE sheet. He just told you everything you need to know about him.
- Agitated and abrupt with customers.
- Does he care about what the customer says? About their needs?
- Mentions Mary gets on his nerves.

- She is a good performer and responds well to coaching.
- Says she will be leaving eventually. Kurt: This is not a career for most people. It’s a stopping place. And at some point you need to acknowledge that and in some cases encourage it.”

To get performance, you’ve got to praise, recognize and thank your employees.Kurt Reinhart


- Shadow next sale.
- Have Mary shadow and mentor.
- Personal issue could be an obstacle. Ask if he needs time (if yes give him a day or 2; if no, set expectations).

- He is a sales dog. He is a direct communicator. He is inconsistent.
- Ask him to walk through his performance.
- Ask about Mary issue.” Has he spoken to her about it? State you will observe interaction on floor.
- Aggression on customer is unacceptable.

- Balanced personality; good sales performance; always looking out for others.
- Challenge her performance.
- Determine I’m leaving” risk. if yes, plan exit strategy; if fewer hours, plan accordingly.


  • Share objective info.
  • Involve them and ask for perspective.
  • Praise and recognize efforts.
  • Be wary of weak words and but.”
  • Think feedback and ideas.
  • Create a realistic action plan.
  • Gain commitment.
  • Thank them.