Introducing XQ Shelf: Where physical and virtual retail meet to create amazing in-store experiences.

XQ Shelf

Blend the best of both worlds, physical and virtual, for an amazing in-store experience. Boost your customer engagement with our brand new addition to the XQ family: XQ Shelf.

XQ Shelf Details

XQ Shelf is an in-store virtual shelf, displaying hi-res images of available products on an interactive touchscreen. XQ Shelf brings e-commerce elements into the physical store, providing added control, flexibility and customizability to in-store displays – while also allowing you to display product not available at a given store location.

By extending shelf space to a limitless number of products and offering access to rich product information and content, XQ Shelf is a new and exciting way for customers to shop and experience your brand.

Infinite Shelf Space

Because XQ Shelf is a virtual extension of your store’s physical shelves, your merchandizing options are unlimited! Every product customers want to see is right there on the screen for them to research and explore.

Rich Lifestyle Content

The XQ content library is carefully designed to go beyond basic specs and focus on lifestyle benefits, reviews and real-world uses of products. Access to this rich content via XQ Shelf eliminates an added step for customers – looking up products online or on their phones – as product, pricing and inventory details are literally at their fingertips.

Notify a Salesperson

XQ Shelf allows customers to shop and learn on their own, but the ‘notify a salesperson’ feature gives them the option to reach out to a salesperson if they need added assistance.

XQ Shelf Demo at the 2013 Retail Summit

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