Why RQ
RQ Retail Management from iQmetrix, is one of the leading providers of retail management solutions for the North American retail industry.

Why RQ?

Driven by the needs of retailers, RQ Retail Management delivers an exceptional experience for the end consumer, retail employees and ultimately the retailer themself.

Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

Shoppers want to deal with product experts who can provide them with the highest levels of customer service in order to ensure that they are making the right, informed decision.

Enable front line retail staff to serve customers faster, more effectively and with greater confidence than ever before.

  • Personalize Service: Customer data is centralized and accessible from all retail locations - ensuring personalized service at every touch point.
  • After Care Service: Tools such as Callbacks and the RQ Marketing Module help you to follow up with customers after they leave your store - ensuring they are satisfied with their experience and become repeat customers.
  • Reduce Transaction Times with Increased Accuracy: Payment processing, integration with industry partner offerings and RQ widgets significantly decrease transaction times and increase order accuracy.
  • Present the Right Products: With the Phone Activation Wizard, Suggestive Selling, Product Linking and accurate inventory, retail staff can effortlessly guide customer sales while ensuring that all products are in-stock and compatible.
  • Memorable Shopping: RQ integrates seamlessly with XQ Interactive Retail – displays that help entertain, educate and guide shoppers through the process of buying a mobile device – together providing a unique and unforgettable retail experience.
  • Streamline Phone Activations: The Phone Activation Wizard, is a feature tailored for wireless retailers, guides sales reps through the sales process providing product information, suggested accessories and relevant promotions to enhance and simplify the transaction.

Accomplish More with the Right Tools 

Give staff the power to spend more time focusing on the customer experience.

Give all employees tools, processes and information that will streamline tasks, increase productivity and provide motivation to perform to expectations.

  • Reduce Time on Common Tasks: Spend less time on redundant processes like calculating commissions, reconciling vendor rebates, ordering inventory and scheduling call back follow-ups through automated tasks.
  • Motivate With Numbers: In a competitive retail sales environment, sales representatives are driven by targets, how they rank against their peers and their ability to add to their commission. Use RQ to set milestones and/or performance targets and even tie those to sales contests.
  • Reduce Training: Because RQ is so easy to use there is less training required - meaning fewer resources required when getting new employees ready to hit the sales floor and start performing.
  • Simplify Reconciliation: Previously time-consuming and error-prone reconciliation processes are made easy with a simple import process and click of the Auto-Reconcile button.
  • Automate Inventory Management: RQ Retail Management allows retailers to easily view detailed, real-time inventory information.Use centrally managed stock balancing, regional optimization, automated ordering and Vendor Managed Inventory features in RQ to automate inventory processes and optimize inventory levels.
  • Industry Specific Requirements: Features designed specifically for wireless retailers – such as automated carrier reconciliation, Phone Activation Wizard, RMA and warranty tracking – are integrated within RQ for simplified and efficient processing.
  • Personalize Workspaces: Staff can choose from a variety of widgets that provide easy access to important information and valuable tools right at your fingertips.  
  • Prioritize Tasks: Centralize and communicate sales, inventory and customer information to all levels of your company so that employees can accurately assign priority to tasks, activities and follow ups.

Make Better, Faster Decisions

In today’s hyper-competitive world, retailers must react quickly to changing market conditions and customer demands. Reporting functionality in RQ can help improve top-line and bottom-line performance.

Information is power! Access to accurate and robust reporting is critical for effective planning and goal setting, and for optimizing your day-to-day operations.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: As a standard, RQ features over 170 reports that offer granular reports like Inventory Listing, Cash Over/Short to invaluable information funnels such as the Executive Dashboard and iQmanager. Other reports include tools to assist in further analysis (for example: Min/Max Calculator), while others allow for mass editing of a wide variety of attributes (Regular Product Master List).
  • Monitor Results: Managers can use RQ to identify key performance indicators; set goals for employees, stores and regions for each of these metrics; and monitor overall performance.
  • Gain Insight: Analyze stats, trends and patterns -- turn real-time observations into powerful information for decision-making.
  • Analyze Operations: See at a glance what is happening with your business, why it's happening and how it all fits together.
  • Manage Metrics: Align your organization by setting out specific goals and expectations for each employee role -- and then track those key performance metrics.
  • Grow Your Business: Timely and accurate information allows you to control, adjust and accelerate your retail business, ensuring increased growth.

RQ Retail Management creates a great experience for retailers, their employees and the end consumer.