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word of mouth marketing

Daily Dose iQ: With 'Rippr,' Loyalty Kickbacks Grow with User Pool

My colleagues and I came across an article in a New Zealand newspaper describing an Auckland-based loyalty app called "Rippr."

"Rippr was launched in February and is a web-based system that grocery retailers, restaurants and cafes can use to offer rewards to customers," wrote The New Zealand Herald's Christopher Adams.

Daily Dose of iQ: Technology Has Automated Sales and Consumer Behavior

Arthur Miller's award-winning play, Death of a Salesman, was written in the late 1940s, but as the Huffington Post's Andy Betts writes, it also applies to today's digital landscape -- the traditional digital salesman is being killed by the rise of the hybrid marketer. It's a scene of confusion, yet one of opportunity.

Daily Dose of iQ: Retailers Should Aim to Build Customer Communities

Technology and social media have made word-of-mouth advertising more powerful than ever.

"Companies are now taking advantage of this new marketing reality, becoming more skilled at getting their customers to advocate for them, create peer influence in their markets, and make important contributions in areas like product development and services," wrote Bill Lee for the Harvard Business Review blog (Feb. 1).

Daily Dose of iQ: Social Media Will Affect Your Business in 2013

Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite, a social media management system with 5 million users (including our company), wrote a guest post today on, entitled "5 Ways Social Media Will Change The Way You Work in 2013."

This article is directed at a more corporate crowd, but there is still value for wireless retailers interested in using social media tools to improve internal communications and operations.

Daily Dose of iQ: BI Intelligence Looks at In-Store Smartphone Use

Business Insider: Smartphone Use In-Store

Business Insider Intelligence (BII) just released a new report examining how mobile device usage has changed in recent years.

The report found games to be the most popular mobile activites, followed by social networking in second place, and email/weather/maps/search in third.

Daily Dose of iQ: Leveraging the Word-of-Mouth Power of Your Customers

Back in April, Bill Lee of the Harvard Business Review, wrote a blog post about "Things Customers Can Do Better Than You."

According to Lee, customers excel at: social knowledge, credibility, persuasion, understanding buyer needs, and peer affiliation. In essence, it’s word-of-mouth marketing. Lee suggests involving your customers to help grow your business.

Daily Dose of iQ: Social Commerce and the 'Me-Tailing' Movement

Back in January, in a blog post on the ROI of social commerce, my colleague Anne Forkutza wrote: Customer loyalty depends on a quality experience that extends beyond a simple transaction.

Essentially, she was saying that through social media, retailers have an opportunity to add value to the customer-retailer relationship -- to offer customers personalized information and to better understand their specific needs.

Daily Dose of iQ: Virtual Greeter at The Bay. Fair or foul?

Anna - Virtual greeter at the Bay

Visitors to the Bay's flagship Toronto store may be surprised to be greeted not by a salesperson, but by Anna, a life-size virtual greeter projected on a glass panel within the store.

Daily Dose of iQ: The ROI of Social Commerce

"With mobile and social quickly emerging as the new consumer focal points, retailers need to fully understand these channels to develop a cross-channel strategy that maximizes the strengths and potential ROI of both," wrote Hillary Prey of (Jan. 24).

Prey provided the following stats to outline this potential:


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