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Daily Dose of iQ: Verizon to Restrict LTE Speeds for Heavy 'Unlimited' Data Users

Gigaom reported this morning that starting Oct. 1, Verizon will throttle back LTE speeds on his heavy data users currently on unlimited plans.

"What that means is that when the network gets crowded, Verizon will prioritize 4G customers who buy their data by the gigabyte over unlimited plan customers who fall into the top fifth percentile of monthly data usage," explains Gigaom's Kevin Flitchard.

Daily Dose of iQ: T-Mobile's Earnings, Subscribers and Stock Value Climbing

T-Mobile CEO John Legere - Source:

The Street reported this morning that T-Mobile USA's "Un-carrier" marketing strategy is in fact helping it better duel the larger U.S. carriers -- AT&T and Verizon -- and further tempting Sprint to acquire it.

Epins in RQ: Sell Prepaid Minutes, No Physical Inventory

ePins and RTR Pins are integrated with RQ and allow you to sell prepaid minutes without keeping physical card inventory.

A single system for handling both types of Epins Within RQ, you have options for two different types of electronic pins, our regular ePins and Real Time Replenishment Pins. Regular ePins are generated automatically and print directly on the invoice produced at the point of sale; RTR Pins are applied directly to the mobile number.

Daily Dose of iQ: Verizon Opens New Flagship Store at Mall of America

Verizon Destination Store - Source: Verizon

On Tuesday (Nov. 19), Verizon announced its newest flagship store, dubbed the "Verizon Destination Store," at Minneapolis' Mall of America.

And what a destination it is: The store spans nearly 10,000 square feet and from the launch video (seen below), the company is -- as did the AT&T flagship store opened in the summer of 2012 -- focusing less on mobile phones and more on the "mobile lifestyle."

In Time for Spring Break: RTR Solves Common ePin Problems

The first two weeks of March are typically the Spring Break period for U.S. colleges. Given that students are among the biggest consumers of prepaid minutes, it's a great time for wireless retailers to sell ePins.

And with the recent launch of AT&T and Verizon’s real-time replenishment (RTR) prepaid integration, selling eprepaid minutes just got a lot easier.

Previously, it was simple enough to use the integrated ePin service -- sell a SKU, print a pin. But since the RTR update, we've been getting great feedback from clients about how it works.

Daily Dose of iQ: AT&T Buys $1.9B Worth of Verizon's Spectrum

The Verge asked the right question in its headline today: Verizon sells 39 spectrum licenses to AT&T for $1.9b, but what does it mean?

Writer Chris Ziegler did a great job of explaning the meaning behind the deal. The highlights from his article are:

Daily Dose of iQ: FierceWireless Predicts 'Consumer Experience' Focus at CES 2013

A topic we've blogged about for some time has been how -- with ready, mobile access to pricing, product and inventory information -- today's consumer has more control over buying decisions than ever before.

It should come as no surprise, then, as we look ahead to the world's largest consumer electronics tradeshow (CES 2013, kicking off on Tuesday) that there will be a lot of attention paid to consumer experiences.

iQwaldo Visits Mobile Cellutions in the Hoosier State

It's nice sometimes to get off the beaten path so to speak, and get with the wholesome iQ customers in the heartland of America.

Such was the case last week as I stopped in to visit Phil Nuger, owner of Mobile Cellutions, and Brandon Papadatos, his regional VP.

Left to right: iQwaldo, Brandon and Phil

Windy City Hosts BuyCell Wireless Group

It's always fun to be amongst our customers, some of whom are the largest wireless retailers in the country, and it is even more fun when that gathering is hosted by our good friends at BuyCell Wireless Group. Under the leaderhip of Ted Benoit, BuyCell Group has grown to be the largest and most influential wireless buying organization in the U.S.


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