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The future of shopping

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Date: March 27, 2014

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By Jennifer Horn

The next trend in retail: Digital disruption

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Date: March 26, 2014

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By Karim Kanji

iQmetrix using touchscreens to get customers to tap, swipe, and buy

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Date: March 6, 2014

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By Candice So

It’s not easy to create a good store display. Products have to be arranged in such a way that they catch customers’ eyes, draw them in, and encourage them to shop around a store – and of course, they should make customers want to buy something.

Daily Dose of iQ: Apple Announces CarPlay for iOS In-Dash Control

TechCrunch reported today that Apple announced its new CarPlay system for iOS in-car controls at the Geneva Motor Show. "(The move) could massively expand the Apple mobile ecosystem – by turning cars into app-enabled iPhone accessories," wrote TechCrunch's Darrell Etherington.

Daily Dose of iQ: 'HTC Advantage' Replaces Owners' Cracked Screens Free for First 6 Months

HTC Advantage screenshot

TechCrunch's Darrell Etherington reported on Tuesday (Feb. 18) on "HTC Advantage," a new policy from HTC that will replace HTC One owners' cracked screens for free for the first six months.

I sat down with a couple of my colleagues -- XQ Architect/Business Analyst Collin Prior and Content Curator James Ingold -- to get their take on the new promotion.

New York Store Tours with Paco Underhill

Paco Underhill in Manhattan Verizon store

Two weeks ago, while we were at NRF 2014 in New York City, we partnered with global retail consultancy Envirosell and its founder Paco Underhill (author of "Why We Buy") to host a number of NYC Store Tours.

Daily Dose of iQ: Not All Luxury Brands Clamoring for Tech

Photo credit: Shelby Livingston/MEDILL

In the week after NRF, a lot has been made about retailers trying to implement new technology to deliver an omnichannel experience and compete with Amazon.

But not all brands are doing that. Yesterday, Shelby Livingston and Supraja Seshadri, two graduate journalism students at the Northwestern Medill School, wrote an article on how certain luxury brands are actually avoiding mobile apps entirely.

Daily Dose of iQ: You're More Likely to Buy Something When Shopping On Your iPad

Sweatshirt shopping via iPad - Source: FastCompany

New research from has found that the "endowment effect" (where people increase the value of something when they take ownership of it) can happen via a touch interface – and especially when using an iPad.

Daily Dose of iQ: Disney Researching Texture Feedback on Touchscreens

Disney's textural touchscreen - Source: The Verge

The Verge reported a couple days ago (Oct. 9) on Disney's research into adding texture to touchscreen graphics.

This is crazy and pretty cool. Of course, for Disney to commit resources to researching this sort of technology, it must have an end goal in mind. Below is a video showcasing some of the technology (with details related to sending electrical voltage through the screen to mimic texture) in action:


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