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The future of shopping

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Date: March 27, 2014

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By Jennifer Horn

Daily Dose of iQ: Target Testing Smaller 'TargetExpress' Stores in Urban Areas

Target has gotten some bad press lately, so it could use some positive coverage for a change. It got some last week (Jan. 16), when the New York Times reported on its new 'TargetExpress' test store opening this summer in Minneapolis, 10 minutes from Target's corporate headquarters.

Daily Dose of iQ: Tesco to Install Face Recognition Scanners at Checkout

This must be the week of "face recognition" false alarms. Last week, I blogged about PayPal's face recognition at the point of sale, saying it wasn't as revolutionary as it sounded.

Today, I'm blogging about face recognition at Tesco checkouts, but it's not actually for payment verification.

Daily Dose of iQ: Amazon's Online Grocery Project Doesn't Need High Margins

Amazon has been testing an online grocery delivery service (called AmazonFresh) in Seattle since 2007, wrote RetailWire's Tom Ryan, in Forbes (May 1), and even though it hasn't been highly profitable or displayed flawless execution, Amazon isn't worried.

"It's all about helping Amazon attain the scale to support its ambition to build a national same-day delivery shipping model."

Daily Dose of iQ: Does Mobile Visual Search (MVS) Signal the Demise of QR Codes?

Screencap from Google Goggles promo vid

QR codes have been in the news for some time and in spite of success stories (like Tesco's Home plus grocery service in South Korea), a study by comScore indicated only 14 million mobile device users in the U.S. scanned a QR code in June 2011.

Daily Dose of iQ: QR Code Virtual Stores Appear in Germany

Aliqua poster shop in Germany

This past summer, the Home plus (a Tesco subsidiary) QR code subway grocery experience in Korea ushered in a new era in virtual shopping.

Retail Prophet Doug Stephens: What's In Store?

Doug Stephens on stage

"The more things change... the more they change," says Doug Stephens. "The speed of change in retail, now, is exponential."

And amid all this change, he implores retailers to ask: Which consumer behaviors do you want to modify, change or amplify?

From the Roman Empire to Wal-Mart, a number of big changes have taken place in retail: information (brands controlling what we know about them), destination (going somewhere to get something), redefinition (what a store is; what the purpose of a store is).

Building a Great Customer Experience Across Multiple Touch Points

Highlights from Tara Filson and Anne Forkutza's presentation on the multi-channel experience:

What is a great retail experience?

  • Care at each touch point: "They thought of everything."
  • Multi-channel experiences: in-store, online (web), social, and mobile

In-Store Channel

Attract: XQ Stream: Clients using XQ have seen up to a 30% increase in foot traffic. XQ Adplay: Pull people into the store with appealing multimedia content.

Daily Dose of iQ: Tesco QR Code Shopping Takes Off in Korea

Tesco virtual store

Back in June, Tesco made headlines worldwide, with their innovative virtual store in a Korean subway station. The concept was both futuristic and practical: Allow people to scan QR codes for grocery items, using their smartphones, on their busy commute. And when they get home, Tesco delivers these items directly to their doors.

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