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Daily Dose of iQ: T-Mobile Tops for LTE Speed: Study

LTE speed over time - Source: OpenSignal

CNET reported yesterday (April 1) that T-Mobile had the fastest LTE speeds over the last three months, averaging 11.5Mbps, according to new data from OpenSignal.

OpenSignal found AT&T averaged 9.1Mbps, followed by Verizon (7.8Mbps) and Sprint (4.3Mbps) over the same period (see above photo).

Daily Dose of iQ: Device Subsidies Not Missed By Consumers: Study

T-Mobile CEO John Legere

Just over a year ago, when T-Mobile announced it was cutting device subsidies completely, we called it a game changer for the U.S. wireless market.

Today, a survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners confirmed it was a game changer.

'Path to Purchase' with Envirosell's Diana Dawson

iQmetrix is excited to welcome Envirosell to the Summit for the very first time. Founded by Paco Underhill (critically-acclaimed author of “Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping”), Envirosell is the world’s premier consumer behavior research and consulting firm for commercial environments. Envirosell’s team of highly experienced professionals analyzes layout, merchandizing and operations to devise new and effective strategies for boosting retail performance.

Daily Dose of iQ: T-Mobile Rocks Industry Yet Again with Free Global Data and Texting

Screencap of T-Mobile CEO John Legere talking about new global roaming program

Engadget reports that last night (Oct. 9) in New York City, T-Mobile USA announced an expansion to its Simple Choice data customers to allow for free texting and unlimited data to over 100 countries worldwide. The new campaign features Shakira as its spokesperson.

Daily Dose of iQ: Citing Weakened Demand, T-Mobile USA to Stop Stocking BlackBerrys In-Store

Going Extinct? The T-Mobile BlackBerry (website screenshot)

Reuters reported yesterday (Sept. 25) that T-Mobile USA will cease to stock BlackBerry devices in its stores.

David Carey, T-Mobile's executive vice president for corporate services, told Reuters the company would instead ship the BlackBerrys directly to business buyers.

Daily Dose of iQ: In Time for New iPhones, Sprint Leaks Early Upgrade Program

Sprint One Up - Photo credit: Roger Cheng/CNET

Back in July, T-Mobile shook up the U.S. wireless market with its new JUMP early upgrade program. AT&T and Verizon quickly followed suit.

Now Sprint has joined the party, and at a very optimal time, given Apple's new iPhone line, announced last week.

Daily Dose of iQ: Early Upgrades 'Just What Device Makers Want'

Much has been made about T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon offering new early upgrade programs. One of our (between my colleagues and me) initial reactions was: There will be a lot of refurbished phones available for purchase if these programs take off.

Daily Dose of iQ: Verizon and AT&T Follow T-Mobile to Offer Earlier Upgrades

On Wednesday (July 10), T-Mobile introduced JUMP, a new program that allows subscribers to upgrade their phones every six months.

Well this week, both Verizon and AT&T responded, announcing early upgrade programs of their own.

iQwaldo Attends MetroPCS Event in Las Vegas

MetroPCS agents from the Western region flocked to Las Vegas recently for their annual meeting. 

The meeting is designed to rally the troops for the coming year in addition to rewarding those who made significant contributions to MetroPCS’ success. And the future looks very bright indeed, in light of the recent merger with T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom) which will give them access to much needed infrastructure.


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