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In-Store Atmosphere

Daily Dose of iQ: 'VMBeacons' Offer Vast Potential for Storefront Commerce

Bentalls VMBeacon photo - Source: TechCrunch

Yesterday (Aug.12), TechCrunch reported on VMBeacons (short for Visual Merchandising Beacons), mannequins that send product/purchase info for the clothes they're displaying to shoppers' phones using BLE/iBeacon technology. (See above photo.)

Australian Retailers Lag in Omnichannel Tech: Frost & Sullivan

New research from Frost & Sullivan has found that fewer than 30% of Australian retailers currently offer a mobile site and only 21% have developed a mobile app to serve customers.

Daily Dose of iQ: Nearly Straight A's for Warby Parker's Fun 'Classroom' Store in Dallas

Warby Parker store in Dallas

Last week (July 3), Chain Store Age reported on a new "classroom-styled" Warby Parker store in Dallas (pictured above).

We’ve blogged about Warby Parker and its innovative strategies in going from online-only to a combination of online/offline. This new store sounds like a really fun brick-and-mortar brand experience.

Daily Dose of iQ: The Gap Testing Self-Checkout and Mobile Checkout

Gap photo - Source: Financial Post

The Financial Post recently reported (June 18) about The Gap and its intended supply chain and customer service improvements.

"Gap's online sales have grown at a compound annual rate of 17% in the past five years, and it doubled its e-commerce penetration to 14% in fiscal 2013," wrote the FP's Jonathan Ratner. "During the same period, (Canaccord Genuity analyst Laura) Campine noted the online penetration in total U.S. retail sales has grown to 5.8% from 3.6%."

Daily Dose of iQ: Millenials Shop Online for Speed, Convenience

Millenial shopper - Source: Helen H. Richardson - Denver Post via Getty Images

On June 25, Bloomberg's Matt Townsend told the tale of CJ Chu, a 24-year-old associate for a private-equity firm, whom he called "a retailer's nightmare"

Why? Chu says he does 99% of his shopping online. He even buys his toothpaste online.

Daily Dose of iQ: LXR & Co. Display at The Bay is Canada's First iBeacon-equipped Retailer

We exhibited at Dx3 in March and saw some cool iBeacon demos from Montreal-based Thirdshelf at the show.

MobileSyrup reported yesterday (June 16) that Thirdshelf has partnered with LXR & Co to open the first iBeacon-equipped shopping experience in Canada, inside the Yonge and Queen Hudson's Bay location in Toronto.

The 'Always On' Connected Consumer

The 'Always On' Connected Consumer
Along with an evolving retail environment, consumer shopping habits are changing. Are you ready?  Let me start with a few stats:  
  • 67% of online shoppers have made purchases in the last six months that have involved multiple channels (Zendesk, 2013)
  • More than 95% of 18 – 24 year olds want store discounts/coupons via text or smartphone apps (Zogby analytics survey, 2013)
  • En route to a store, 70% of smartphone shoppers use a store locator to plan their shopping trip (Nielsen, 2013)


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