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Daily Dose of iQ: Sprint Closing 55 Retail Stores, 150 Repair Centers

Sprint store - Source: GottaBeMobile

A week and a half ago (March 20), Sprint announced it was closing 55 of its worst-performing stores, as well as laying off 33 technical consultants and closing 150 service and repair centers across the country.

"(The moves were) part of a broader effort to reduce the company's costs in the face of continued financial struggles," wrote CNET's Roger Cheng (March 20).

Analyzing Store and Employee Productivity

One of the best things RQ has to offer is the ability to take pieces of different modules and tie the info together.

A great example of this is the productivity graph in the Executive Dashboard. This combines your scheduled hours in RQ4 with your sales and non-customer activity. The intention is to help you staff your stores based on customer demand and other duties required by a sales associate.

Daily Dose of iQ: A Career In Retail Not What It Used To Be?

Last month, iQmetrix Retail Summit alumnus Doug Stephens posted an interesting blog post on how careers in retail have changed, and in some respects, are going extinct.

He recalls hearing Walmart U.S. President Bill Simon talk at NRF back in January, saying "retail was still a great career to embark on. He reflected on his own career path, and that he put himself through college on the $2.00 an hour he earned as a young man, implying that today's young retail worker should be able to do the same."

Daily Dose of iQ: Apple Store Employees Underpaid But Have Good Benefits

Apple Genius Bar

I've never had a bad experience at the Apple store. I doubt a lot of people have, which is why Apple is always tops in sales per square foot (e.g. $5,647 in 2011) and the envy of retailers everywhere.

Daily Dose of iQ: Beyond Foot Traffic -- Location Tracking for Physical Stores

With the rise of e-commerce over the past decade, following web analytics related to sales conversions has become a standard practice. Similarly, brick-and-mortar retailers have long used different methods of tracking foot traffic into their stores, comparing that data with sales figures to come up with appropriate staffing strategies.

Reduce Theft, Increase Accountability and Save Money with Biometrics

Employee theft is a growing concern across all retail industries, in terms of both time and attendance fraud (buddy punching), as well as inventory shrink.

According to the 2010 NRF Security Survey, the leading factor contributing to retail shrinkage was employee theft, accounting for 43.7% of retail losses, and a total loss of $16.2 billion dollars. For retailers to ensure they are protected against theft, they need a way to hold their employees accountable.

Daily Dose of iQ: 4 Ways to Better Manage Gen Y Employees

Wireless retailers are no strangers to the Gen Y demographic, the latter are among the most active mobile device users and also make up the majority of said retailers' in-store workforce.

We've previously blogged about selling to young people and at last year's Wireless Summit, Kurt Reinhart spoke about "Recruiting and Retaining Gen Y."

Jeff Haden's 8 Reasons You're Losing Customers

Business author and columnist Jeff Haden put together a solid list of eight common customer service/loyalty mistakes retailers (and companies in general) make.

Are you guilty of any of the following?


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