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iQmetrix Releases Sales Stats for Galaxy S5 Launch Weekend [INFOGRAPHIC]

VANCOUVER, BC – April 18, 2014 – iQmetrix, the leading provider of retail management software for the North American wireless industry, today released sales statistics from the new Samsung Galaxy S5's launch weekend (Friday, April 11 to Sunday, April 13).

Daily Dose of iQ: Carriers Remove 'Download Booster' from Galaxy S5

Download Booster: Galaxy S5 website screenshot

The Samsung Galaxy S5 hit store shelves today and although Samsung was touting a new feature called "Download Booster," three of the Big Four U.S. carriers (Verizon, AT&T and Sprint) have removed the feature.

T-Mobile is the only major U.S. carrier offering it. (See T-Mobile's Galaxy S5 web page.)

Daily Dose of iQ: New Samsung Gear Fit 'Best Fitness Wearable Yet'

Samsung Gear Fit - Source: Mashable

Today, Mashable published a full review of Samsung's new Gear Fit smartwatch and called it the best fitness wearable yet.

"The device is only compatible with about 20 Galaxy-branded devices, so you're out of luck for now if you're running iOS or have a non-Samsung smartphone. But for those who fall into that group and are eying a fitness wearable, this is by far your best option yet,” wrote Mashable's Samantha Murphy Kelly.

Daily Dose of iQ: Google Smart Watch SDK Available in 2 Weeks

Google smart watch - Source: TechCrunch

TechCrunch reports that news out of SXSW yesterday (March 9) is that Google will be releasing a software development kit (SDK) for smart watches and wearable devices two weeks from now.

Daily Dose of iQ: Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner Open to Developers

Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner - Source: CNET

The Samsung Galaxy S5 debuted at Mobile World Congress this week and one of its key new features is a home button fingerprint scanner similar to that of the iPhone 5s.

Daily Dose of iQ: Carriers, Tech Companies Focus on In-Store Experience

Fisheye shot of AT&T Manhattan store - via NY Times

Nick Wingfield wrote a great article for the New York Times (Dec. 15) on the changing landscape of tech stores, a topic we've been watching very closely ourselves.

More specifically, he detailed how many companies (whose redesigned stores we've featured on our blog) are focusing their efforts less on selling per se, and more on the overall in-store experience.

Daily Dose of iQ: U.S. Stolen Phone Database Now Complete, But Will It Prevent Thefts?

Last month (Nov. 27), The Verge reported that the stolen phone database used by the Big Four U.S. carriers was complete. The database allows carriers to blacklist stolen phones and prevent their reactivation. The assumption of this blacklist is that it will deter thieves… which it hasn’t.

Daily Dose of iQ: NY State Prosecutor Curious Why Carriers Killed 'Kill Switch'

Kill Switch photo - Credit: Ben Margot/AP via NY Times

When I saw this article a few weeks ago, "Carriers Reject Kill Switch For Stolen Smartphones," I was confused.

"(Samsung) has proposed installing a built-in anti-theft measure known as a 'kill switch' that would render stolen or lost phones inoperable, but the nation's biggest carriers have rejected the idea," wrote the Associated Press.

Android Dominates Black Friday

Link to original article.

Date: Dec. 11, 2013

Published on:

Samsung Galaxy S4: The Next Big Thing, Already Here

At a Glance

Look and Feel The S4’s large form factor and dazzling screen make it stand out among other high-end phones.

Defining Features The screen and camera are excellent. Removable battery is a big plus. “Smart Screen” controls let you scroll and pause video with your eyes.

Core Functionality Phone is loaded with features yet remarkably lightweight. Processor is very fast. Easy to use and customize.


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