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Vancouver's iQmetrix acquires Web Werkz

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Date: Jan. 16, 2014

Published by: Business in Vancouver

By Nelson Bennett Thu Jan 16, 2014 7:47am PST

IQmetrix, Vancouver company that specializes in developing in-store interactive displays for retailers, has acquired Web Werkz, a Vancouver company that develops websites for wireless retailers.

iQmetrix Acquires Vancouver Startup Web Werkz for its E-Commerce Offerings

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Date: Jan. 14, 2014

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In a deal involving two relatively unknown Vancouver companies, iQmetrix, a provider of retail management software for independent North American wireless retailers has acquired Zebop Wireless Information Inc.

iQmetrix Acquires Zebop Wireless (Web Werkz) to Deliver Amazing Omnichannel Experiences

VANCOUVER, BC - January 14, 2014 – iQmetrix, the leading provider of retail management software for independent North American wireless retailers, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Zebop Wireless Information Inc. Zebop is a Vancouver-based company commonly known as Web Werkz, which specializes in building websites for independent wireless retailers.

Daily Dose of iQ: The Aftermath of Target's Massive Data Breach

Target shoppers - photo via Mashable

Target faced a PR nightmare over the holidays when, on Dec. 19, it announced a data breach that affected 40 million customers' credit and debit card accounts for in-person transactions made between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15.

Daily Dose of iQ: 'Retailing has become a multichannel free-for-all'

2013 holiday photo of Sears

The 2013 holiday season has been a good one for consumers, but not such a good one for retailers, according to MIT marketing professor Sharmila Chatterjee.

"Retailing has become a multichannel free-for-all. To the brick-and-mortar giants, online retailers are no longer pesky niche players but life-threatening rivals," she wrote in Businesweek (Dec. 23).

Daily Dose of iQ: Qualcomm's Gimbal Platform Sells $5 iBeacons

Qualcomm Gimbal video screenshot

We've been keenly following the progress of Apple's iBeacon BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology -- and especially as it pertains to in-store use -- for some time now.

Daily Dose of iQ: Retailers Ramp Up Social Media Marketing for Holiday Season

Excerpt from inforgraphic - Source: NRF

Retailers are now embracing showrooming. Instead of simply competing with online retailers via the physical store, companies are increaslingly competing for consumers' online eyeball time, wrote Elizabeth A. Harris of the New York Times (Nov. 26).

We want to be where the consumer is.Gregg W. Steinhafel, Target CEO

One way they're doing this is through social media.

Live from 2013 Summit: Dealer's Choice Roundtables

This session, a new addition to the Summit, gives dealers the floor to discuss topics of greatest interest to them.

Attendees were invited to vote for their Top 5 topics (from a list of 8 topics) and the results -- in no particular order -- were as follows:

Daily Dose of iQ: eBay says Data Can Improve In-Store Experiences

eBay's David Geisinger - Source: Retail TouchPoints

The Retail TouchPoints blog published a post today from an event at which eBay's Head of Retail Business Strategy, David Geisinger, was speaking.

Geisinger said that as retailers accumulate customers' transactional data, "They should use it."


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