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Daily Dose of iQ: 4 Ways to Better Manage Gen Y Employees

Wireless retailers are no strangers to the Gen Y demographic, the latter are among the most active mobile device users and also make up the majority of said retailers' in-store workforce.

We've previously blogged about selling to young people and at last year's Wireless Summit, Kurt Reinhart spoke about "Recruiting and Retaining Gen Y."

Sunday Session at NRF 2012: Hiring (and Tracking) to Deliver a Winning Customer Experience

Delivering a Winning Customer Experience: Leveraging Mobile Technology to Drive Operational Performance

Presented by: Julie Sedlock, Group Vice President Store Operations, Aeropostale, Inc.

As a leading provider of clothing and accessories for teenagers and young adults, Aeropostale has focused on a technological approach to improving the operational performance of its employees and managers.

Daily Dose of iQ: Hiring Young People via Social Media

Wireless retailers are always on the lookout for new recruits and recent stats from Jobvite indicate a good place to start is on Facebook and other social networks. In fact, more people are finding jobs via Facebook than LinkedIn.

1 in 6 Job Seekers Found Their Latest Job On A Social Network

Kurt Reinhart: Recruiting and Retaining Gen Y

Kurt Reinhart speaking

The reality: Your Gen Y employees will not stay forever. Baby Boomers had one job. Gen X: 5 jobs. Gen Y: 10 jobs.

"They're going on to bigger and better things," says Reinhart. "We can't squish them for that. But they love technology and they know technology. They're attracted to what you offer."

"But you need to create a culture they will respond to."

Reinhart says, in spite of generational studies, he hates putting people in a box. "They associate certain values with certain groups, but, you know what? They intersect."

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