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Daily Dose of iQ: 'VMBeacons' Offer Vast Potential for Storefront Commerce

Bentalls VMBeacon photo - Source: TechCrunch

Yesterday (Aug.12), TechCrunch reported on VMBeacons (short for Visual Merchandising Beacons), mannequins that send product/purchase info for the clothes they're displaying to shoppers' phones using BLE/iBeacon technology. (See above photo.)

Australian Retailers Lag in Omnichannel Tech: Frost & Sullivan

New research from Frost & Sullivan has found that fewer than 30% of Australian retailers currently offer a mobile site and only 21% have developed a mobile app to serve customers.

Daily Dose of iQ: Amazon's Online Grocery Project Doesn't Need High Margins

Amazon has been testing an online grocery delivery service (called AmazonFresh) in Seattle since 2007, wrote RetailWire's Tom Ryan, in Forbes (May 1), and even though it hasn't been highly profitable or displayed flawless execution, Amazon isn't worried.

"It's all about helping Amazon attain the scale to support its ambition to build a national same-day delivery shipping model."

Daily Dose of iQ: StickNFind Helps Users Find Remote, Car Keys


I'm a big fan of the television show Dexter -- which is set in Miami. So I became curious about Miami and what it is like, then through a series of free associations I stumbled upon the Miami company StickNFind Technologies.

Daily Dose of iQ: Target's Multichannel Tech Aims to Improve Customer Experience [VIDEO]

Target launched a video yesterday showcasing its multi-channel strategy -- complete with a branded mobile app, QR codes, m-commerce direct shipping, and free in-store wi-fi -- just in time for the holidays.

"(The smartphone is) the connective tissue for all our strategies going forward," says Target's President of Multichannel, Casey Carl, to kick off the video. "It's really going to unlock our potential to bring the best of online and offline together in a seamless and integrated fashion."

You can watch the video below:

Daily Dose of iQ: How to Keep Mobile Holiday Shoppers In Your Store

AT&T's flagship Chicago Store - Photo credit: The Verge

There's no denying the impact mobile devices have made on the retail industry, both in terms of mobile commerce (purchases made on phones or tablets directly) and mobile purchase research (leading to purchases made in-store or online).

Daily Dose of iQ: Walmart and Mattel's QR Code 'Virtual Toy Store'

WIth a poster reminiscent of Tesco's Home plus installation in South Korea, Walmart and Mattel have partnered to sell toys via QR codes, to passersby in Toronto's underground PATH walkway system.

Daily Dose of iQ: In-Store Convenience is Key to Beating Showrooming

SAP Precision Retailing

Eric Lai of ZDNet wrote (Oct. 1) about two ways "brick-and-mortar retailers can beat showrooming and": 1) mobile point of service and 2) precision retailing.

Daily Dose of iQ: In Shift to Omnichannel, Major Retailers Launch Store Navigation Apps

Walmart supercenter

The big-box retailers have heard the call for branded mobile apps and, as Roger Yu of USA Today reports, stores like Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Walgreens are introducing maps and navigation tools to their apps to help customers find products faster.

Daily Dose of iQ: ScanLife Infographic on QR Code Users and What They Scan

ScanLife, a QR code company (which generates codes, campaigns, tracking, and also a QR/barcode reader app) recently published an interesting infographic for its Q2 2012 Mobile Barcode Trend Report.

The report pulled data from the ScanLife Reporting platform, so the data is relative to ScanLife's client list and/or people using its reader app. It also considers both QR codes and UPC barcodes scanned.


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