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Daily Dose of iQ: Spring App Lets Fashion Brands Connect with Users, Drive Sales

Spring app photo - Source: VentureBeat

Yesterday (Aug. 14), VentureBeat reported on Spring, a brand-new iOS app that promotes fashion brands directly to consumers. The app curates "lifestyle imagery" of selected products to appeal to users and of course, to generate sales.

Daily Dose of iQ: Pinterest 'a Gold Mine' for Retailers

Pinterest photo - Source: CNBC

At the end of December, we featured an article about Pinterest and its ability to make retail products more "touchable."

Another article (and video) from CNBC's Julia Boorstin caught our eye today, calling Pinterest "a gold mine for retailers" (Dec. 6). has seen a 70% boost in traffic since launching 'Rich Pins' in 2013.

Some highlights:

Daily Dose of iQ: 5 Ways Retailers Can Use Pinterest to Make Products 'Touchable'

Last week (Dec. 26) ReadWriteWeb featured a guest article by Charlotte Nichols (director of marketing at UGallery, a leading online art gallery), who extolled the e-commerce benefits of Pinterest.

She concedes that many shoppers still prefer to see certain products in person before buying. "The trick (for e-tailers) is to make a virtual item seem more physical," she writes.

Daily Dose of iQ: Retailers Ramp Up Social Media Marketing for Holiday Season

Excerpt from inforgraphic - Source: NRF

Retailers are now embracing showrooming. Instead of simply competing with online retailers via the physical store, companies are increaslingly competing for consumers' online eyeball time, wrote Elizabeth A. Harris of the New York Times (Nov. 26).

We want to be where the consumer is.Gregg W. Steinhafel, Target CEO

One way they're doing this is through social media.

Daily Dose of iQ: Meet myTAG, a New Local Selling Platform

myTAG screenshot - Source: TechCrunch

Profiled by TechCrunch yesterday (Sept. 12), myTAG is a soon-to-launch local online selling platform that hopes to compete with services like Craigslist, but without the sketchy anonymity often associated with Craigslist.

“We think local ecommerce should be honest, safe, simple – and fun. And we’ve made myTAG all that and more!” states myTAG Founder and CEO Tony Pham on the company website.

Daily Dose of iQ: Tips from C. Wonder's Social Retail Strategy

C. Wonder Pinterest screenshot - Source: Alicia Fiorletta

Last week (July 31), Retail TouchPoints' Alicia Fiorletta interviewed Michael Chao, Director of Social and Mobile Engagement for C. Wonder. Chao had some really good insights for how a popular clothing retailer connects with would-be customers via social media.

Some highlights:

Daily Dose of iQ: Facebook Testing "Want" Button with Retailers

As Alexei Oreskovic of Reuters reported (Oct. 8), Facebook is testing a feature that lets users create "wishlists" of home furnishings, clothing and other retail products, introducing what many are calling the social networks first steps toward real e-commerce.

Daily Dose of iQ: Online Fashion Mags Become 'Shoppable'; Opportunity for Brick-and-Mortar Stores Too

Refinery 29 screencap

Turning an online fashion mag into a “shoppable online store” seems like a natural progression. Often, when reading printed fashion mags, you’re interested in buying what’s on the pages and although the price and brand are identified, you have no idea where you can buy those items at a store near you.

As Lauren Indvik of Mashable writes, the online fashion magazine Refinery 29 (shown in the above photo) is turning its site into a full-fledged e-commerce experience:


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