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Daily Dose of iQ: A Look at the New Moto X

Moto X - Source: CNET/CBS Interactive

The Moto X introduces some novel features that you cannot find in other smartphones today. Whether or not they are unique enough to actually shift the Android mindshare from Samsung to Motorola is yet to be seen.

The most notable new feature is the always-on and listening microphone, which lets you send commands to your phone without even turning it on. Things like Googling for information, starting a Google Maps navigation or making a phone call can happen without any fumbling around.

Daily Dose of iQ: Google to 'Drift Apart' from Samsung with Moto X

Last week (July 11), Venture Beat's John Koetsier pitted the new Motorola smartphone, the Moto X, as a means for Google to divert from its dependency on Samsung as its premier Android phone manufacturer. He also states the likelihood (or what some analysts consider the “inevitability”) that Samsung will ditch Android to focus on its own OS (Tizen).

Daily Dose of iQ: SoLoMo Infographic Highlights New Retail Frontiers

SoLoMo infographic excerpt

A new infographic from Monetate explains the virtues of social, mobile and local media for driving in-store retail sales. In summary, it suggests, “Social drives traffic, local drives action, and mobile drives opportunity.”

The image above is an excerpt (with stats specific to showrooming) from the full infographic, which you can see here.

Daily Dose of iQ: Is Contextual Awareness the Future of Mobile Phones?

A couple weeks ago (July 4), we blogged about Google Now (Android's answer to iOS' Siri) and its incredible ability to know you so well -- literally predicting information you're likely to look up and displaying it for you on your phone. After all, the best personal assistant is the one that knows you best, right?

Daily Dose of iQ: Layar's "Interactive Print" Opens Up New Possibilities for In-Store Promotions

Layar, a Holland-based leader in augmented reality, has launched a revolutionary new technology called "Creator" that takes its previous technology (which gave static objects additional layers of content) further -- to printed materials.

Daily Dose of iQ: Nielsen Suggests Retailers Provide an Omnichannel Experience

In spite of the increasing number of retailers offering branded mobile apps, more shoppers are consulting retailers' websites when researching purchases than are using the same retailers' mobile apps, according to a new study released by Nielsen today.

Daily Dose of iQ: Google Planning Siri-like 'Assistant' for Release in 2012

On Friday, Alexia Tsotis of reported Google is planning on releasing a voice-activated inboard phone app, called "Assistant," to compete with Apple's Siri. Sources say the product will be available by the fourth quarter of 2012.

Daily Dose of iQ: Does Mobile Visual Search (MVS) Signal the Demise of QR Codes?

Screencap from Google Goggles promo vid

QR codes have been in the news for some time and in spite of success stories (like Tesco's Home plus grocery service in South Korea), a study by comScore indicated only 14 million mobile device users in the U.S. scanned a QR code in June 2011.

Daily Dose of iQ: "Point-Know-Buy" Visual M-Commerce

Photo credit:

"Discovery will no longer be limited to text search," writes the team at in their Feburary 2012 Trend Briefing.


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