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Daily Dose of iQ: Google Announces 'Android Wear' Platform for Wearable Devices

Android Wear prototype

Today, Google unveiled an official marketing campaign for its new smartwatch SDK (which we blogged about last week), called Android Wear. The concept is demonstrated in the video below.

Soon after the Android Wear news came out, Motorola announced the moto 360 smartwatch, "powered by Android Wear" and expected for release this summer. The watch in the video appears to be a moto 360.

Daily Dose of iQ: iOS 8 Rumored to Let Apps Talk to Each Other

iOS 7 screenshot - Source: VentureBeat

VentureBeat reported today that on iOS 8, Apple may finally debut an API that lets apps communicate with each other better -- a feature that's been talked about for years.

This could be a major breakthrough in the iOS user experience, allowing app developers to make a suite of separate applications that could work together and pass off functions to one another.

Daily Dose of iQ: Starbucks App Will Allow You to Tip Your Barista from Your iPhone

Starbucks barista - Source: CNNMoney

We have blogged many times about Starbucks because, very simply, they get it. The company understands the importance of creating a consistent, convenient and even desirable customer experience, and it has the locations, service and budget to keep it going. It also has the technology.

5 Steps to Buying a New Phone

James considering phone options

I recently got a call from my wireless carrier letting me know my contract would soon expire. They wanted to know: Was I happy with my phone or was I planning an upgrade?

That gave me pause. I was perfectly happy with my phone. But as someone who follows the industry closely, being reminded my phone was two years old* made my mind race through all the leaps and bounds handset technology has made since I got my last phone.

*Editor’s note: That’s 55 in phone years -- time for retirement.

Daily Dose of iQ: Rogers Announces 'Mobile Shopper' Platform

Showrooming dude - Source: BetaKit

As BetaKit's John Gray reported today, Canadian carrier Rogers Communications has announced a new platform called "Mobile Shopper," which will enable customers to engage with brands in-store through mobile offers.

"RioCan, Canada’s largest owner of shopping centres is the first to trial the Rogers Mobile Shopper solution in select Ontario-based shopping centres," wrote Gray.

Daily Dose of iQ: Not All Luxury Brands Clamoring for Tech

Photo credit: Shelby Livingston/MEDILL

In the week after NRF, a lot has been made about retailers trying to implement new technology to deliver an omnichannel experience and compete with Amazon.

But not all brands are doing that. Yesterday, Shelby Livingston and Supraja Seshadri, two graduate journalism students at the Northwestern Medill School, wrote an article on how certain luxury brands are actually avoiding mobile apps entirely.

Daily Dose of iQ: BlackBerry Should Ditch Its OS, Make Android Phones Instead

BlackBerry Z10, Z30 and Q10

Today, we saw two articles about BlackBerry’s hopes at future revenue.

I sat down with two of my colleagues, Garett Rogers (iQmetrix Director of R&D) and Collin Prior (UX Architect/Business Analyst) to discuss these two opportunities.

Daily Dose of iQ: Qualcomm's Gimbal Platform Sells $5 iBeacons

Qualcomm Gimbal video screenshot

We've been keenly following the progress of Apple's iBeacon BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology -- and especially as it pertains to in-store use -- for some time now.

Daily Dose of iQ: App Lets Users to Dine and 'Dash'

Dash mobile app promo shot

A clever new iOS app called "Dash" proposes a new interface for ordering and paying for your food.

"Store your credit card information in the app, and when you eat or drink at a venue that uses Dash, you can settle your bill straight from the app -- tip calculations and all," explains TechHive's Caitlin McGarry.

Daily Dose of iQ: Apple to Add iBeacon Transmitters to Its Stores

iBeacon in-store scenario - Source - Gigaom

In light of recent reports of pop-up stores using iBeacon to push promotions and coupons to customers' phones, it only makes sense for Apple to use the Bluetooth technology for proximity marketing at its own retail locations.


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