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Daily Dose of iQ: Spring App Lets Fashion Brands Connect with Users, Drive Sales

Spring app photo - Source: VentureBeat

Yesterday (Aug. 14), VentureBeat reported on Spring, a brand-new iOS app that promotes fashion brands directly to consumers. The app curates "lifestyle imagery" of selected products to appeal to users and of course, to generate sales.

Australian Retailers Lag in Omnichannel Tech: Frost & Sullivan

New research from Frost & Sullivan has found that fewer than 30% of Australian retailers currently offer a mobile site and only 21% have developed a mobile app to serve customers.

Daily Dose of iQ: Introducing the New Facebook ‘Buy’ Button

Facebook Buy - Source: WIRED

WIRED reported today on the new Facebook "Buy" button, ushering in a new era for the ubiquitous social network. No longer will it just sell space for advertisers; it will sell space for retailers too.

Daily Dose of iQ: Apple and IBM Partner to Develop Apps for Enterprise Clientele

Ginni Rometty and Tim Cook interviewed by CNBC's Josh Lipton

Yesterday, two tech giants and longtime rivals, Apple and IBM, announced they were joining forces to better serve enterprise clients in both government agencies and the corporate business world.

"I think (this partnership) is absolutely huge. It's landmark," Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC, sitting beside IBM CEO Ginni Rometty (pictured above).

Daily Dose of iQ: Amazon's New Fire Phone Built to Consume Amazon Content

Jeff Bezos at Fire Phone launch - Source: Mashable

Yesterday (June 19), Amazon unveiled its new Fire Phone in a big event in Seattle. As Mashable reports, the phone will be available July 25 (preorders have already begun), it will be exclusively offered via AT&T, and will cost $200 (32GB version) and $300 (64GB) on a two-year contract.

What are the phone's unique features?

Daily Dose of iQ: The Commoditization of Smartphones. What Does It Mean?

Cheap smartphones - Source: WIRED

"We’re rushing headlong into the era of cheap cell phones," wrote Mat Honan of WIRED on Friday (May 16). Honan argues that phones like the $129 Moto E or the $80 Alcatel OneTouch Evolve (pictured above) offer a wealth of specs and features without the intimidating price tag.

Budget smartphones aren't really budget phones anymore. And on the high end, consumers' expectations of new phones are so high now, it's hard to impress us with new devices and new features.

Daily Dose of iQ: Google Announces 'Android Wear' Platform for Wearable Devices

Android Wear prototype

Today, Google unveiled an official marketing campaign for its new smartwatch SDK (which we blogged about last week), called Android Wear. The concept is demonstrated in the video below.

Soon after the Android Wear news came out, Motorola announced the moto 360 smartwatch, "powered by Android Wear" and expected for release this summer. The watch in the video appears to be a moto 360.


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