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Daily Dose of iQ: Comcast Considering Becoming a Mobile Carrier

Comcast logo

CNET reported yesterday (April 8) that Comcast, the largest residential cable and high-speed Internet provider in the U.S., is considering becoming a mobile phone service provider.

Daily Dose of iQ: Google in Talks with Verizon to Make Google MVNO

Google MVNO in Spain in 2011 - Source: Slash Gear

TechCrunch reported today that Google is rumored to have met with Verizon officials about the possibility of creating a Google-branded MVNO (mobile virtual network operator).

Daily Dose of iQ: pCells Could Revolutionize the Delivery of LTE Signals

Today, I came across an interesting article about pCell technology: Engadget's Steve Dent wrote about Artemis, a company started by OnLive's founder Steve Perlman.

pCells are designed to work with current LTE phones already on the market.

Artemis manufactures pCells, which stands for "personal cells." Before I launch into further detail. It's best to watch the video below, to find out how pCells work.

Daily Dose of iQ: The Carrier Implications of FaceTime Audio

A VentureBeat guest post by Andrew McLeod and David Wachsman today asked an important question for wireless carriers in particular: "Is FaceTime Audio Apple’s Trojan Horse?"

"Is there a chance that the cringe-worthy but innocuous name is Apple’s Trojan Horse, a devastating sneak attack against some of the largest companies in the world, including some of their most important current partners?" they wrote.

Daily Dose of iQ: Google's 'Story of Send' Reveals the Flight Path of a Single Email

Google's Story of Send

"Ever wondered what happens when you send an email?" Google asks in its new interactive infographic: The Story of Send. (Above is an excerpt of the massive infographic. You can see the Gmail "envelope" moving along its path.)

"Take a journey with Gmail and find out. Along the way, discover our data centers through videos, photos and more."

Daily Dose of iQ: Forrester says NFC-based Mobile Payments Years Away from Widespread Use

John Cox of Network World reported today that two new studies from Forrester say mainstream adoption of NFC contactless payment is still "nearly a decade in the future, and rosy predictions to the contrary ignore the complex hardware and software infrastructures, standardization, business models, and consumer education that are needed."

Daily Dose of iQ: Introducing Google Fiber, 'A Different Kind of Internet'

Google Fiber landing page

Today, Google launched a new Internet initiative in the U.S. called "Google Fiber." On its launch page, the company describes the program as follows:

"Google Fiber starts with a connection speed 100 times faster than today's average broadband. Instant downloads. Crystal clear HD. And endless possibilities. It's not just TV. And it's not just Internet. It's Google Fiber."

OK, so how does it work? The video below attempts explain everything in under 90 seconds.

Daily Dose of iQ: Mobile Future Infographic Reiterates Dire Spectrum State

Except - Mobile Future Infographic

Last month, we blogged about the U.S. 'spectrum crunch,' as mobile phone traffic nears wireless network limits (analysts are predicting a spectrum deficit as early as next year).

Today, a new infographic from Mobile Future helps to better illustrate ramifications of the spectrum crunch.

Daily Dose of iQ: 'Spectrum Crunch' - U.S. Phone Traffic Nears Wireless Network Limits

CNN graphic. Source: FCC

CNNMoney Tech reported today that the time for wireless reckoning has arrived in the U.S.

"The U.S. mobile phone industry is running out of the airwaves necessary to provide voice, text and Internet services to its customers," wrote David Goldman earlier today.

"The problem, known as the 'spectrum crunch,' threatens to increase the number of dropped calls, slow down data speeds and raise customers' prices."

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