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Daily Dose of iQ: Isis Now Available on All Compatible Smartphones

NFC mobile payments - Source: BGR

Yesterday we blogged about Coin, a new solution that integrates all your payment and loyalty cards into a single smart card. BGR called it "the future of payments."

Well another big announcement yesterday was Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile launching their NFC-enabled Isis mobile payment solution for all compatible smartphones.

Daily Dose of iQ: Google to Flex Its Online Services Muscle to Overtake PayPal

Google Wallet to compete with PayPal? Not just that: “It plans to do so with a revamped checkout process for the web, mobile web, within mobile applications running on Android, and more,” wrote TechCrunch's Sarah Perez last week (May 15).

Daily Dose of iQ: [VIDEO] Google Glass in the Grocery Store? Whoa.

Is it just me, or is this whole Google Glass concept moving incredibly fast? When "Project Glass" made its debut nearly a year ago, it was undeniably cool but it seemed like years away.

Now, with a new video (below) made by ConAgra Foods and Google's newly-formed shopper marketing division, the concept appears closer to reality than I thought. (Skip to 1:27 to get to the good stuff.)

Daily Dose of iQ: To Wallet Phone or not to Wallet Phone?

Photo credit - Ariel Zambelich, Wired

That is still the question. A question to which Wired's Christina Bonnington responds, "Yes."

Bonnington spent a month using her smartphone as her wallet (see above photo). Technically, she used her smartphones (an iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus). "(I) left my real wallet at home. No cards, no cash. I’ve ordered everything from my Halloween costume to sushi to plane tickets — throughout the Bay Area and even for a vacation in Hawaii – using purely mobile means."

Daily Dose of iQ: Lack of Pain Point Why Mobile Payment Hasn't Taken Off

Google wallet - photo credit - AP - Mark Lennihan

Christopher Mims of Quartz News today wrote about how "everyone from Google to every major carrier in the U.S." has been hyping up mobile payment, tap to pay, Pay with Square, etc. etc. for over a year now. It's become an arms race to get consumers using their particular technology, or NFC phone, or app so it can become THE industry standard for mobile payment. And yet consumers aren't using any of them, really.

Daily Dose of iQ: Forrester says NFC-based Mobile Payments Years Away from Widespread Use

John Cox of Network World reported today that two new studies from Forrester say mainstream adoption of NFC contactless payment is still "nearly a decade in the future, and rosy predictions to the contrary ignore the complex hardware and software infrastructures, standardization, business models, and consumer education that are needed."

Daily Dose of iQ: With Mobile In-App Purchases, Facebook Makes Push to Become a Platform

Facebook Credits, the social network's payments system has been around for some time (we blogged about it last November), but as Dan Rowinski of ReadWriteWeb writes, "many Facebook users are not aware that they can pay for items in Facebook."

Yesterday, Facebook announced a payments system for mobile apps tied to is platform.


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