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Daily Dose of iQ: Not All In-Store Phone Behaviors Are Created Equal

Nielsen - Smartphone In-Store Activities by Store Type

Consumers are definitely using their smartphones at an increasing rate to assist their in-store shopping. However, a new study from Nielsen indicates the shopping functions they're using on their phones vary according to store type.

The highlights:

Daily Dose of iQ: Mobilizing the Retail Business - MWC 2012

iQmetrix CFO Ron Tweddle attended the 2012 Mobile World Congress. The following are his notes from recent keynotes and sessions he attended. Follow Ron on Twitter @rtweddle.

Daily Dose of iQ: Does Mobile Visual Search (MVS) Signal the Demise of QR Codes?

Screencap from Google Goggles promo vid

QR codes have been in the news for some time and in spite of success stories (like Tesco's Home plus grocery service in South Korea), a study by comScore indicated only 14 million mobile device users in the U.S. scanned a QR code in June 2011.

Daily Dose of iQ: Pinterest Hits 10 Million Monthly Visitors in Record Time

TechCrunch: Pinterest's blow-dryer growth

Josh Constine of reported yesterday that, according to data comScore provided exclusively to TechCrunch, "Pinterest just hit 11.7 million unique monthly U.S. visitors, crossing the 10 million mark faster than any standalone site in history."

Designing the Next Generation of Retail Places (Part 3 of 5)

Guiding Principles for Place Design

In this article, we'll examine a few recurring principles of (invented) place design that can easily be applied to the design process of almost any space, including retail ones.  After all, if Disney Imagineers use them, why shouldn't we?

These are more techniques than a magic recipe for creating a succesful place. Still, a "magic recipe" is required -- it comes from the brand and character of the store, and it needs to be clearly defined beforehand.  

Daily Dose of iQ: "Point-Know-Buy" Visual M-Commerce

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"Discovery will no longer be limited to text search," writes the team at in their Feburary 2012 Trend Briefing.

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