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Daily Dose of iQ: Help in Identifying Your Next Store Location?

PiinPoint website screenshot

Today we came across a startup called PiinPoint, which launches this week, whose software is designed to help companies plot out their next physical location.

Daily Dose of iQ: Tesco to Install Face Recognition Scanners at Checkout

This must be the week of "face recognition" false alarms. Last week, I blogged about PayPal's face recognition at the point of sale, saying it wasn't as revolutionary as it sounded.

Today, I'm blogging about face recognition at Tesco checkouts, but it's not actually for payment verification.

Daily Dose of iQ: Windows Phones, Where Art Thou?

Forbes' Mark Rogowsky today wrote an interesting article about Microsoft and Nokia's failure to gain traction in the smartphone market, and particularly in North America.

Daily Dose of iQ: Infographic Looks at Data Flow from Purchase to Targeted Ads

Excerpt from Ad Age infographic

If you're a retailer or an advertiser -- heck, if you're just a consumer -- you gotta see this: It's an interactive infographic from Advertising Age that shows the path taken by a customer's data when she buys a pair of shoes in-store.

In Time for Spring Break: RTR Solves Common ePin Problems

The first two weeks of March are typically the Spring Break period for U.S. colleges. Given that students are among the biggest consumers of prepaid minutes, it's a great time for wireless retailers to sell ePins.

And with the recent launch of AT&T and Verizon’s real-time replenishment (RTR) prepaid integration, selling eprepaid minutes just got a lot easier.

Previously, it was simple enough to use the integrated ePin service -- sell a SKU, print a pin. But since the RTR update, we've been getting great feedback from clients about how it works.

Daily Dose of iQ: Using Customer Data to Plan Store Layout

Big data is a big topic in retail these days, as companies try to leverage the power of metrics, demographic information, customer purchasing information and even foot traffic to increase sales and profits.

Graeme McVie of LoyaltyOne recently wrote a blog post for Retail Customer Experience (Feb. 15), says customer data specifically is vital to identifying the behavior of "priority customers" in order to adapt store layout accordingly.

Daily Dose of iQ: Does Android Cater to Lower-Income Consumers?

Yesterday, Sam Biddle of Gizmodo posited that "Android is popular because it's cheap, not because it's good." While Biddle is certainly entitled to his opinion on the quality of Google's mobile OS, but what's more interesting is how he shows Android to be a more accessible brand to lower-income consumers.

Daily Dose of iQ: CNET's Maggie Reardon Says Smartphones 'Not For Everyone'

CNET's Maggie Reardon

When I initially read the headline to this CNET 'Ask Maggie' article, "Why a smartphone may not be for everyone," I assumed Maggie (Senior CNET writer Marguerite Reardon) was talking about feature phones being better suited to children (i.e. a kid's first phone), until they actually start using apps.

Turns out it's about the elderly.

Daily Dose of iQ: Social Media Will Affect Your Business in 2013

Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite, a social media management system with 5 million users (including our company), wrote a guest post today on, entitled "5 Ways Social Media Will Change The Way You Work in 2013."

This article is directed at a more corporate crowd, but there is still value for wireless retailers interested in using social media tools to improve internal communications and operations.


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