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Daily Dose of iQ: Verizon to Restrict LTE Speeds for Heavy 'Unlimited' Data Users

Gigaom reported this morning that starting Oct. 1, Verizon will throttle back LTE speeds on his heavy data users currently on unlimited plans.

"What that means is that when the network gets crowded, Verizon will prioritize 4G customers who buy their data by the gigabyte over unlimited plan customers who fall into the top fifth percentile of monthly data usage," explains Gigaom's Kevin Flitchard.

Telstra's Proposed Wi-Fi Hotspot Network Sparks Controversy

Telstra photo - Source: AAP

On Tuesday (May 20) Telstra announced plans to create one of the world's largest public Wi-Fi networks, by interconnecting tens of thousands of its customers' home broadband modems with dedicated public hotspots across Australia.

"The telco will roll out special home broadband modems that perform their regular function but take any unused spectrum to create a public Wi-Fi hotspot for anybody nearby to use," wrote the AAP (May 20).

Daily Dose of iQ: FCC Hopes to Cap Verizon, AT&T in Upcoming 4G Auction

Gigaom reported today that the Federal Communications Commission intends to limit the amount of wireless spectrum the two largest U.S. carriers can buy.

The FCC recently circulated proposed rules for low-band spectrum auction "that would limit Verizon and AT&T’s ability to bid on all licenses in markets where competition for frequencies is particular intense," wrote Gigaom's Kevin Flitchard.

Daily Dose of iQ: Verizon's 'AllSet' Prepaid Plans Allow Next-Month Data Carryover

Verizon announced yesterday (March 3) introduced AllSet prepaid plans, which offer more flexibility for data use without a contract.

The AllSet plans start at $35 for feature phones and $45 for smartphones with unlimited messaging and 500 MB of data.

Daily Dose of iQ: pCells Could Revolutionize the Delivery of LTE Signals

Today, I came across an interesting article about pCell technology: Engadget's Steve Dent wrote about Artemis, a company started by OnLive's founder Steve Perlman.

pCells are designed to work with current LTE phones already on the market.

Artemis manufactures pCells, which stands for "personal cells." Before I launch into further detail. It's best to watch the video below, to find out how pCells work.

Daily Dose of iQ: Mobile Payments Hot Topic at CTIA 2012

Square's mobile payments app. Photo credit: All Things Digital

As CTIA 2012 kicked off in New Orleans today, the tech media and analysts were on the lookout for latest in mobile payment technology.

"Credit card companies are poised to make their pitch in the mobile payments space, an arena where startups like Square and Silicon Valley tech companies like Intuit and eBay's PayPal have been dictating much of the conversation," wrote CNBC's Jon Fortt yesterday.

Daily Dose of iQ: Is Twilio a Threat to Major Carriers?

Twilio homepage

"There is one word that comes to mind when I think of mobile communications startup Twilio: powerful," writes Dan Rowinski of

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