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iQmetrix EMV Training Highlights: May 2015

May 26, 2015 — Rachel Liste


In order to prepare U.S. RQ clients for the October 2015 EMV liability shift, and to launch a corresponding hardware purchasing campaign for clients, iQmetrix hosted two webinars on May 6 and May 13.

This article lists the webinar highlights, for clients who missed the original broadcasts, but may not have time to sit through the recorded version.

For more information on iQmetrix EMV initiatives, please contact your Account Manager directly.

iQmetrix EMV Training Highlights: May 2015

  • As part of our overall EMV rollout, iQmetrix is undertaking a number of security enhancements for Payment Processing in 2015:
    • iQmetrix Payment API: Our new Payment API was built for agility and uptime. The change allows us to develop for EMV certification and emerging encryption technologies, making it more agile and less vulnerable to technical difficulty. The API also supports payments on RQ v5 and new solutions like RQmobile.
    • EMV Certification: Certification for new devices requires two main phases: 1) development to support the payment device features and 2) card brand certification. The certification describes the device, developer (iQmetrix) and processor. This requires iQmetrix to complete a pass for each device and payment partner we work with. We are currently working with our payment processing partners – to develop, test and certify EMV devices – to meet the October 2015 liability shift deadline.
    • PCI-DSS: The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard defines how entities should handle and treat cardholder data. iQmetrix is a certified level 1 service provider. We undergo yearly audits for PCI-DSS and our 2015 certification will help define the requirements for which merchants and service providers are responsible or share responsibility.
    • E2E Encryption: Additional end-to-end (E2E) encryption is an optional added security layer for retailers. Similar to peer-to-peer (P2P) encryption, it encrypts cardholder data within the payment device and transported to our PCI secure zone for decryption before submitting for authorization. iQmetrix has engaged with a third party to help test and develop a whitepaper about the solution (release of this whitepaper is TBD).
  • iQmetrix Partnership with B2 Payments
    • Donncha O'Hegarty: Our May 6 and May 13 webinars were co-hosted by Donncha O'Hegarty, U.S. VP of Business Developments at B2 Payments.
    • B2 Payments: iQmetrix has partnered with B2 to help clients through the process of becoming EMV certified. How can B2 help you? See the slide below.


  • EMV Devices:
    • Verifone MX915: We chose this device after analyzing which EMV-compliant device was most often used within our customer base.
    • Ingenico
      • iSC250 – Countertop device with customer-facing screen
      • iSMPc – Mobile
  • More EMV devices will be added once the MX915 and iSMPc are certified.
  • It is our goal to EMV certify a desktop and mobile device in time for the October 2015 liability shift. However, based on the queue and the time it is taking to certify the MX915, this may not occur until shortly after the liability shift.
  • Next Steps to Becoming EMV Certified:
    • Upgrade to RQ version 5.
    • Ensure you are talking to the right contacts: The payment processing ecosystem is confusing and has a wide variety of players (card networks and brands, acquirers/processors, issuers, gateways, ISOs/MSPs).
    • Shop and compare: As with any product or service, it’s important to compare prices and product options.
    • Select a partner from our Partner Network.
    • Procure EMV-enabled hardware: See details below.
  • Partner Network Benefits
    • Removes the middle man in most cases
    • Competitive rates
    • Knowledge of iQmetrix key contacts, RQ and setup needs
    • Partnership mentality when dealing with support issues
    • Opens the door to additional services
    • Joint communication efforts
  • Hardware Procurement
    • Now is the time to source and purchase the appropriate EMV device for your business.
      • For most, it will be the Verifone MX915.
    • Minimum 12-week shipping from the manufacturer.
    • iQmetrix Mass Purchasing Campaign (via Spencer Technologies)
      expires May 30, 2015.
      Contact your Account Manager for more info.
    • Educate your teams.
    • Deploy and test.

For more information on iQmetrix EMV initiatives, please contact your Account Manager directly.

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