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In Time for Spring Break: RTR Solves Common ePin Problems

Mar 04, 2013 — Tracy Lee

The first two weeks of March are typically the Spring Break period for U.S. colleges. Given that students are among the biggest consumers of prepaid minutes, it's a great time for wireless retailers to sell ePins.

And with the recent launch of AT&T and Verizon’s real-time replenishment (RTR) prepaid integration, selling eprepaid minutes just got a lot easier.

Previously, it was simple enough to use the integrated ePin service -- sell a SKU, print a pin. But since the RTR update, we've been getting great feedback from clients about how it works.

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The integrated RTR service means an almost instant posting of minutes to the appropriate account for a prepaid subscriber’s service. When clients were deciding if they wanted to invest time in trying something new, the questions that came out were common across the board:

  • And what if they put it on the wrong number? Answer: Error message if that number doesn’t exist with that carrier.
  • And what if it’s postpaid account? Answer: Error message if it’s not a valid account.
  • And what if it’s the wrong carrier? Answer: Error message if it’s not a valid account. 

“You would be surprised how often someone buys an AT&T pin only to realize that they are T-Mobile or Verizon.  Sometimes they are even post-paid,”  said one of our clients.

Another client told us, “We currently have a problem with reps selling ePins to customers that are actually postpaid subscribers."

  • By entering in the phone number into this system, if the customer is on postpaid, will the system prompt the rep that the customer is not a prepaid customer? It sure will.

It seemed like such a small thing, but as more and more clients inquired about the new functionality, we realized it was really going to solve a number of pain points. 

It’s amazing the difference a small automated step can make for customer experience.

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