Professional Services Programs

Whether you’re a one-store retailer looking for training, an advanced user who needs custom work done in Business Intelligence, or any size customer interested in sending staff for intermediate or advanced RQ training, Professional Services has something for you!

Hands On Reconciliation Training

Let us show you how to find more money!

We understand that an accurate and timely reconciliation is a key component of running a tight, profitable business. Proper reconciliation can be time consuming, costly, confusing and frustrating.

Our Reconciliation Experts can train your employees to understand and maximize RQ’s reconciliation tools ... Continue Reading. 

Finance Done Right

There are many different aspects of using RQ for the financial side of your business. Among those are individualized processes, goals and how-to questions that extend beyond general training.

The Finance Done Right Program is a new program meant to fit your specific needs...Continue Reading.

Employee Commissions Done Right

The RQ employee commission module is valuable for both the corporate office, as well as your associates. Real time commissions can be a very powerful tool in motivation employees....continue reading.

Business Intelligence Managed Services

Business Intelligence is a powerful tool in all business, but having the time to update and create reports can be time consuming. Our Professional Services Team can help you with this in our new product offering, Managed Services for Business Intelligence. Service Level Agreements (SLA) will be defined before works starts...continue reading.

Customized Carrier Price Sheet Tune-Up

Whether you have been with iQmetrix for years or your carrier is making changes (again) to your commission structure, you may be in need of a Carrier Price Sheet Tune-Up.

The price sheet is the backbone of the majority of sales transactions in RQ. This is one of the most important components of the software and is often overlooked. Using it efficiently can have an enormous impact on your business... Continue Reading.

Onsite/Training/Short Term Engagement

One-on-one, tailor-made, custom training for YOUR company, on the topics YOU want!

Our Professional Services Specialists will use their years of industry knowledge and RQ expertise to build a workshop specifically for your company. Whether you are new to iQmetrix, an experienced user, or have a single or multiple locations, we can build an educational program for you.

You chose the levels of the employees you want trained and the topics. OR, allow us to customize your training based on an in-depth database review and a detailed fact finding call about your employees, processes and procedures currently in place... Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know... Continue Reading.

SOC Code Training

How often do your sales reps enter incorrect activation information? Very often? Constantly? Does this cause a huge amount of work to fix those errors? And how much of that inaccurate information could be fraudulent?

iQmetrix has a solution to these very real and costly errors!

POS phone activations have, until now, required employees to manually enter activation information including PTN, IMEI, rate plans, etc. into RQ... Continue Reading.

Security Audit and Best Practices

Your security settings in RQ are some of the most important components of the software and yet, they are often overlooked or neglected.

Using security settings efficiently can have an enormous impact on your business...Continue Reading.

Fraud Control Kit – Powered by BI

The wireless industry today is waging a battle against fraud and no retailer remains invulnerable.

We have created a package that helps safeguard you against possible fraud happening in your company today...Continue Reading.

Customized RQ Tax Library Setup

RQ Tax Library is an integrated tax management service that automatically configures and updates your taxes so you don't have to!

This RQ Tax Library service works off of your configured locations zip and postal codes to automatically pull in the appropriate taxes, and always keep them up to date...Continue Reading.