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As part of our robust POS and retail management solution, iQmetrix offers a Service & Repair module designed specifically to address the headaches commonly felt by repair shops and service providers. Let us help you uncomplicate your business and deliver exceptional service to your customers.

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Faster Fixes, Happier Customers

Streamlined and efficient. That’s what you need your repair service to be. Experience the difference the ability to create custom fields for repair requests, including custom checklists and dropdown lists, can make to improve your sales flow. When a sale is launched from a repair request, the repair request will automatically include the associated parts and fees based on the type of repair completed. This means less guess work and errors, and a faster, smoother sales process.


Take Control

Record and manage all aspects of each service request by tracking start date, date completed, and hours worked. Dispatch work orders to your service staff, record parts ordered and shipped, and convert to a sale when completed. But don’t stop there. Go the extra mile by scheduling follow up to ensure your customers are satisfied and earn their repeat business.


Keep Track of Every Little Thing

When it comes to repairs, you’ve got to keep track of a lot of moving pieces. If you purchase devices/product from a customer, our Service & Repair module allows you to associate that price as the SKU’s cost so when you resell the product, your margin is correct! The module can also take into account all the parts used to fix and resell the product to make your end price much more accurate. Additionally, for parts without barcodes or serial numbers, you can auto-generate unique serial numbers for your higher-end parts – making effective tracking and inventory reporting a breeze!


Know More, Grow More

It’s true you don’t know what you don’t know. So, give yourself the gift of insight with our extensive dashboard and reporting functionality that allows you to see how your business is performing. Easily access and view current repair request or report on details such as parts used, parts on back order, repair history, etc. Take advantage of repair part forecasting, stock balancing, and aged inventory tools that give store managers the ability to weed out old inventory for better profitability.

Service and Repair Partners

Creating a seamless repair experience between our service & repair vendors, our RQ management software, and our clients.

With our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) integration for service & repair dealers, ordering inventory has never been so efficient. Using this unified process, you can simply add items for the vendor site -all back-end work is done for you. You no longer need to verify with the vendor or be running your employees ragged with double entry of purchase orders in the POS. Let streamlined integration do the leg-work! Once a shipment is received, login to RQ and receive the products; it really is that easy.

  • No need to change your current inventory ordering
  • Minimal training required to utilize the integration
  • Creates a seamless experience
  • Saves you time


Endless Aisle + Dropship

Expand Your Selling Opportunity

You may not have a lot of peg space for mobile accessories, but don’t let that hold you back! Optimize your space with our Endless Aisle and Dropship add-ons, which allow your customers to browse and buy a wide variety of virtual merchandise. There's no better time to talk to a customer about protecting their mobile device than when they’ve just had to fix it! Your staff can make more money by easily selling items like screen protectors and cases to be drop shipped directly to the customer. Bonus: interactive screens give customers’ idle hands something to browse while they wait! 


The Right Fix:

Winning with Mobile Device Service & Repair

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