iQmetrix has made the process of selling and managing prepaid simple and secure.

Epins & RTR

Virtual cards offer your customers the same benefits as traditional prepaid cards while eliminating the need for a physical card. As a wireless retailer, you receive a simplified process that works directly with RQ to control theft and inventory levels and eliminate the manual errors associated with prepaid card sales.

Pay Only For What You Sell - Cards are bought and sold in the same moment – saving you time and eliminating inventory errors. RQ Virtual Prepaid allows you to keep track of card sales for each carrier separately.

Control Theft - Because there are no physical cards, the risk of theft is completely eliminated.  A non-refundable payment must be made before an ePin is retrieved from the system. RQ Virtual Prepaid closes fraud holes with a complete audit trail.

Increase Sales & Profits - Never miss a sales opportunity by not having a particular card or denomination in stock.  RQ Virtual Prepaid allows you to expand your prepaid product offerings easily and risk-free.

Enhance the Customer Experience - Reduce transaction time at the point-of-sale by eliminating double entry and give your employees more time to spend with customers.  Make customers happy by being able to offer a wider selection of prepaid products with no stock-outs.

Save Your Business Time & Money - RQ Virtual Prepaid allows you to reconcile sales and purchases for each carrier in minutes, not hours. Eliminate the carrying costs associated with prepaid card inventory and free up time spent on ordering and counting cards.

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