Handset Trade-In allows you to accept customers' old devices for instant credit that the customer must spend in your store towards new handsets or accessories.

Handset Trade-In Program

HYLA Mobile and Phobio phone evaluation tools enable you to provide this valuable discount to customers which can result in more sales, increased attachment ratios and loyal customers.

Grow Your Bottom Line - See increases in activations, foot traffic and revenue - as high as 15%.

Competitive Advantage - Differentiate yourself from competitors by being able to offer credit for old devices.

Grow Accessory Sales - Earn profit as customers us their trade-in credit to purchase high-margin accessories in your store.

Maximize Customer Loyalty - Customers are more likely to come back to your store if they know they can receive instant credit for their old phones.

More Upgrades - Motivate customers to upgrade their phone more often with a trade-in credit to subsidize the cost.

Recycle - Be green - a great PR campaign. If a customer’s handset does not yield a credit value, you can still send it to your Handset Trade-In provider to be recycled.

iQmetrix is proud to offer integrated Handset Trade-In through the following industry leading partners:



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