RQ Home is the main screen in RQ. It acts as a personal information hub as well as jump off point to the rest of RQ.

RQ Home

RQ Home gives users a Widget Library that allows them to monitor important activities and metrics at a glance – users can view work schedules, key performance metrics, company news, sales contests and more, depending on their roles in the organization.

Easily Monitor Relevant Business Information

The Home screen gives you a customizable dashboard with immediate access to the information that is most critical to your role and day-to-day work.  

  • For Owners & Executives, it provides a quick way to view key performance metrics, such as company gross margins/profit, sales, location performance and more. RQ Home can also be used to reach out to the entire organization through a company-wide bulletin board; ensuring information is quickly shared with the entire company.
  • For Regional & Store Managers, it provides a quick way to see who is punched in at any given time as well as track employee performance metrics including phone and accessory sales, profit, commissions and more. It also allows them to proactively monitor employee activity and react accordingly.
  • For Sales Staff, it is an important tool for tracking personal metrics. Employees can quickly and easily track potential and actual commissions, see where they rank relative to their personal peers – including in-store sales contests. They can also view their upcoming work schedule and monitor personal goals and milestones as set by their managers. Sales staff can also check inventory availability, to quickly respond to customer inquiries.


Efficiently Navigate the Software

Designed with speed of service in mind, RQ Home provides users with tools to quickly navigate throughout RQ.

  • RQ Quick Search allows you to easily enter or scan product SKUs, return invoice numbers and IMEIs –  to ensure accuracy and save time in the sales or refund process.
  • RQ Navigator allows you to quickly travel to various solutions and reports within RQ as well as navigate to various external programs and websites. This decreases the time spent clicking through multiple programs and windows.
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