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PocketRQ gives you access to key areas of RQ4 on your smartphone or mobile browsing device! View real-time reports and dashboards, create activities, and access customer product and employee information.


PocketRQ Reports is a mobile, web-based application that makes it easy for wireless retailers to monitor and conduct business on their smartphone or mobile device, no matter where they are.

Maximize key information to make fast, effective business decisions, granting executives and managers secure access to key operational and strategic performance metrics -- for real-time decision making in a fast paced industry.

Monitor and conduct business anywhere,enabling owners, executives and top level managers to effectively monitor and conduct business when they are not near a computer. PocketRQ reports provide access to various operational and performance reports that highlight of how the business is performing at any given moment.

PocketRQ is ideal for many departments in your wireless retail business:

Executives and managers can access and securely interact with key operation and strategic company performance metrics for effective, real-time decision making.

Mobile sales and service teams can access detailed customer profiles, service requests and product information for efficient sales and service calls.

Front line staff can access customer, product and inventory information without having to occupy a POS terminal.