Deliver cost-effective, targeted marketing campaigns that nurture and grow customer relationships.

Marketing & Customer Retention 

The RQ Marketing and Customer Retention solution gives your employees the tools they need to improve and optimize customer interactions, including call-backs and follow-ups. These tools allow them to spend more time focusing on the customer experience.

Effectively Reach Your Customer Base

Ensure that your customers remain top of mind in order to increase sales and loyalty.

  • Deliver cost-effective, targeted marketing campaigns that nurture and grow customer relationships with the RQ Marketing Module, which provides you with a variety of campaign types: e-mail, direct mail and telephone.
  • Make the right offer to the right customer at the right time, for upcoming promotions, warranty expirations or new product releases. Create marketing campaigns based on demographics, purchase history and more.

Efficiently Track & Manage Sales & Marketing Operations

Understanding and reacting to what is going on in your business at an organizational and individual level can be a big factor in the success of your business. RQ iQmanager is a tool designed to effectively manage key employee operations across the company.

  • Track and react to employee performance. iQmanager allows you to manage employees more efficiently by monitoring sales performance targets and employee productivity.
  • Accurately track hours worked, including the ability to monitor employee schedules, time and attendance hours clocked and overtime.
  • Improve inventory management by tracking committed and non-committed Purchase Orders, Inventory Transfers and Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs).
  • Improve consistency in the sales process, including the ability to view and manage follow-ups, call-backs and assigned tasks. Quickly view what is required on any given day.
  • Capitalize on every opportunity with the ability to track Activities and Sales Opportunities and improve customer relationship management.
  • Increase customer reach and improve marketing campaign management to ensure all prospective clients are reached, including the ability to track Phone Marketing Campaigns.

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