RQ Inventory Management allows you easily view detailed, real-time inventory information to assist with all your inventory management needs.

Inventory Management

Whether you have five locations or 50, the importance of efficiently monitoring and managing inventory is a priority for all retailers to remain competitive. Managing the bottom line and ensuring you have the right inventory (with the right margins) are keys to the continued success of your business.

RQ Inventory Management allows you easily view detailed, real-time inventory information to assist with all your inventory management needs. RQ Inventory Management provides you with an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that provides management with a true picture of their inventory status across the entire organization, location by location, in real time. Enabling staff to take advantage of sales trends and ensure you have products to sell where and when you need them.

Use these inventory tools to make sure you always have the right products on hand, so you not only make more sales, but also sell the right products for greater profitability.


Efficiently Manage Inventory Levels Across all Locations

Having the right products, in the right place, at the right time is essential to proper inventory management and for maximizing revenue. RQ Inventory Management allows you to:

  • Reduce instances of lost or stolen inventory with the ability to easily perform daily Inventory Counts. Monitor Inventory Specific Reporting to create a real-time audit trail that determines an item's exact location at any time.
  • Ensure appropriate product quantities at the right locations with the ability to order and move products between locations by creating Purchase Orders, Transfer Requests and RMA’s.
  • Optimize stock across all locations with Inventory Management Automation to centrally manage stock balancing and regional optimization. Automate ordering by setting minimum and maximum quantities for optimum inventory levels and improved inventory turnover. Improve inventory efficiencies even further with integrated Vendor Managed Inventory to optimize inventory throughout your organization.
  • Automate inventory management using a Min/Max calculator to suggest min/max quantities based on sales history and upcoming sales and promotions.
  • Decrease and monitor aged inventory and dead stock with Aged Serialized Inventory Tools and Reporting which allow you to ensure the oldest products are sold first. Ensure that employees are selling oldest phones first and reducing aged stock using the aged widget on the RQ home screen.
  • Optimize when and how you are selling product using advanced rules such as do not order, do not sell and special order and backorder ETAs during automated ordering.  


Maximize Sales & Profitability

Protect your bottom line, through a variety of inventory tools designed to build, maintain and improve revenues and profitability.

  • Increase average revenue per transaction and overall profits with Product Linking and Product Compatibility, which allow you to prompt suggestive sales by matching complementary products together. Use this tool to effortlessly guide employees through the up-selling and cross-selling process.
  • Accurately track carrier commissions to ensure you are receiving the appropriate amounts by importing and managing Carrier Pricing Sheets in RQ.

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