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TEGA Technologies offers an industry leading omnichannel marketing automation platform called Chatterspot. Chatterspot enables personalized communication through various channels including text, social media, email and direct mail.

Through the Chatterspot CRM, actionable customer and prospect databases are built with the ability to use smart filtering. Smart filtering targets consumers in timely and personalized ways utilizing their preferred method of communication to drive traffic to your business.


The Chatterspot platform reaches your customers in 4 main ways:

  1. Automated Lifecycle Marketing

    Every business knows its customer’s lifecycle. In each lifecycle there are specific moments when the customer is more likely to purchase. Chatterspot’s Automated Lifecycle automatically communicates with your customers at these important touchpoints.
  2. On-Demand

    There are specific times when you want a unique message to reach your customers. For instance, new product launches, sales promotions, holiday events, etc. Chatterspot’s On-Demand feature is the perfect solution. A smart targeted and personalized campaign can be sent out in a matter of minutes!
  3. Customer Aquisition

    Every business wants new customers. Chatterspot builds an actionable prospect database through the following programs:

    1. Customer Aquisition Program

      Most businesses want to contact people who live near their stores. Utilizing the Chatterspot prospect database On-Demand campaigns are launched to people who live within walking distance of your store.

    2. Automated Referral Program

      Everyone knows the most effective form of marketing is word of mouth. Chatterspot’s Automated Referral Program sends messages to customers with an incentive to refer friends and family members. Once the friend for family member opts in, they become a part of your actionable prospect database; ready for future communication.

  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    The Chatterspot CRM feature, helps track, categorize and manage your customers, to ensure that you are communicating the most relevant information based on their individual customer profile


During the Holiday Season, we launched a 3-day text campaign to 34,371 customers, inviting them to save $25 off a 4G phone. This campaign resulted in 51 phones sold within 3 hours, 117 over the weekend, generating over $17,000 in gross profit



Case Study

Wireless Retailer Finds New Revenues From Existing Customers With Chatterspot

Z Wireless was approaching a holiday without a marketing plan. As a last minute effort to increase sales, they distributed text messages to 34,371 permission-based members inviting them to save $25 off 4G smartphones.

Within 3 hours, the campaign drove over 51 phone sales. Throughout the holiday weekend, a total of 117 phones were sold utilizing the promotional code distributed in the text messages, generating over $17,000 gross profit.

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