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Integrated Solutions


Dropship is a retailer practice of sending items from a manufacturer directly to a customer. With iQmetrix Dropship, retailers can showcase and sell a wide variety of unique, luxury and specialized items without having to invest in physical inventory. This virtual inventory also allows retailers to expand the number of accessories and products they sell.

Handset Trade-in Program

Integrated handset trade-in programs that offer retailers the ability to provide in-store credit to consumers for their used handsets – increasing sales and attachment ratios. Learn More.

Handset Protection

Industry leading handset protection partners integrate with RQ software, in order to streamline the warranty process to ensure a seamless purchasing experience for your customers, and increased revenues for your business. Learn More.

Bill Pay Service

Bill Pay integration automates cash payment acceptance, making it faster, easier and more secure to sell wireless plans and services to cash-paying customers. Learn More.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Carry less and sell more with Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) from iQmetrix and our supplier partners. VMI is an automated inventory system that links processes and information from RQ directly to your supplier. Learn More.

Loyalty and Marketing Automation

Integrated with RQ, you gain access to an innovative solution to easily and continuously engage with customers through text messaging and email campaigns. Learn More.


iQmetrix has partnered with Chatterspot to provide an e-receipt service that allows your customers to receive an electronic, branded receipt of their transactions. Learn More.

Payment Processing

iQmetrix offers an integrated payment processing solution to streamline the point-of-sale process and reduce the overall cost of credit card processing. Learn More.

Biometric Security

Directly integrated with RQ, Biometric Security provides your company with an added level of business security uses fingerprint scanning technology instead of passwords to secure your business against fraudulent activity. Learn More.

Mobile Lifestyle

Mobile application subscriptions are available for purchase through RQ, expanding your virtual inventory and giving your customer the ability to leave your store with products that simplifies their day to day lives. Learn More.

Virtual Prepaid 

Sell prepaid minutes directly through RQ and earn competitive margins.  Learn More. 

Video Based Business Intelligence

iQmetrix offers an integrated solution that provides insight into RQ data which details key retail performance metrics including traffic counting data, conversion rates and staffing ratios all while improving business security, loss prevention, sales and customer service. Learn More.

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