RQ Accounting & Reconciliation significantly reduces the time and cost associated with processing carrier commissions.

Accounting & Reconciliation

Increasingly tight margins mean retailers have to closely watch their bottom line while growing topline. Unfortunately, managing the accounting and financial side of a business can be a complex and tedious process that requires specialized training. Combine that with the unique qualities of the wireless industry, this process becomes a significant factor in the success of your business.

The RQ Accounting & Reconciliation solution simplifies these processes, allowing you to keep precise accounting of deposits, purchase orders, credits and RMAs. In addition it allows you to accurately track and reconcile carrier and vendor commissions and produce the key reports you need to effectively manage your business.


Accurately and Easily Track and Reconcile Carrier Commission

RQ Accounting & Reconciliation significantly reduces the time and cost associated with processing carrier commissions. It eliminates error-prone paper processes and provides you the information you need in case of disputes or other issues related to carrier commissions.

  • Save time and money with automated Vendor Rebate Reconciliation. RQ Finance makes this easy with a simple carrier import process and one-click Auto-Reconciliation.
  • Effectively contest carrier commission discrepancies with comprehensive Vendor Account Journals, giving you easy access to the information needed to contest and ensure carriers are paying appropriate commissions, rebates and spiffs that have been earned.
  • Ensure that carrier commission adjustments and chargebacks are automatically reflected in employee commissions.
  • Automatically process carrier chargebacks on activations or features. RQ produces detailed reporting, identifying which regions, locations, employees are charged back.


Efficiently Manage Accounting & General Ledger Activity

RQ keeps precise accounting of all transactions including sales, deposits, purchases, credits and RMAs. RQ tracks and auto-reconciles carrier and vendor commissions and produces accurate reports. (Note: the accounting and general ledger are same thing in RQ; every single transaction affects them.)

  • Efficiently monitor accuracy and manage discrepancies in your general ledger with the General Ledger Activity Report
  • Keep accurate records between RQ and your accounting software, with the ability to export to QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Simplify and Automate All Financial Processes

The RQ Accounting & Reconciliation improves the accuracy and efficiency of key financial processes, letting you spend more time growing the business.

  • Accurate cash management, including the ability to reconcile Cashouts across all locations, allows you to reconcile petty cash and run cash drawer audits.
  • Manage and reconcile purchase orders, with the ability to correct errors due to incorrect cost and quantity of items received.
  • Easily manage price protection or vendor discountsusing the Cost Adjustment tool for any products, even after they have been sold.
  • Integrated bill pay and payment processing automate payment acceptance and remittance to carriers, making it faster and more secure to sell wireless plans and services to cash paying customers.
  • Automatically reconcile bill payments, carrier phone costs, credit cards per location and other financial information using the General Reconciliation tool.

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