The RQ Human Resources Management Solution keeps employees informed while saving you the time and money associated with managing employee profiles, schedules and payroll, while reducing labor costs.

Human Resources Management

HR management is an essential part of running your wireless business. If not managed correctly, this tedious and time-consuming process can become detrimental to organizational efficiencies.

Decrease Labor Costs through Increased HR Efficiencies

  • Effectively manage employee profiles, hours and payroll.
  • Effectively manage employee passwords, work history and contact information – including the ability to build out detailed employee profiles – with RQ Employee Profiles.
  • Effortlessly create schedules across all locations to ensure all stores have the resources they need with HR Scheduling.
  • Decrease labor costs by monitoring and managing employee time and attendance. The RQ Employees Solution gives you complete Time and Attendance Reporting to monitor and regulate hours worked.
  • Eliminate the incidents of employees stealing time with the ability to correct fraudulent punch-ins. On average, employees steal 4.5 hours/week and the Revise Punches Report allows you to track and change fraudulent punches to ensure employees are paid accurately.

Centralized Employee Communication

RQ Intranet

Increase HR efficiencies by centralizing internal communication. Ensure that employees are getting the right information in a timely manner with the RQ Intranet.

  • Reduce time and labor costs associated with tracking sick days, and managing RTOs and staff availability.
  • Improve employee punctuality by providing schedules in real time.
  • Increase communication efficiency with the ability to communicate the latest promotions and products, and other pertinent business news.

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