Business Intelligence

Can’t find the exact report in RQ4 to give you the data you need to run your organization?

Need more detailed information to confidently make strategic decisions?

Often out of the office when you need to access in-depth business metrics?

Need to compile data from multiple sources into a useable report?

New Business Intelligence from iQmetrix has customized reporting just for YOU – anytime, anywhere!

An enhanced reporting service that builds upon standard RQ4 reporting, New BI provides users with a suite of in-depth data sets that can be used to create customized and in-depth reports to suit your business needs.

Using the New BI on your computer, tablet, mobile phone… or any other internet enabled device, you’ll be able to quickly analyze patterns and trends, answer critical questions and gain valuable insight to make well-informed business decisions.

Unlike most BI tools that are complicated, restrictive and not user friendly, the New Business Intelligence offering from iQmetrix has revolutionized the way that users interact with BI technology.

Improved User Experience: The new design and refined interface of iQmetrix Business Intelligence makes building reports and getting the information that you really need easy! 

Mobile Access: The new BI is web-based – so you can literally access your reports anywhere, at any time, on any internet connected device.

Canned Reports: Starting from the moment you launch the new BI, access a growing series of custom reports built by iQmetrix – that can be quickly and easily customized to meet your unique needs. Included - Top & Bottom Performers; Rank Store, Region, District or Employee; Refunds by Product, Employee or Location; and Growth Trends.

Easily Update Reports: By linking reports together, you’ll be able to make a change once to the Master Report and have it automatically reflected in linked reports.

Subscription Based Reporting: Schedule reports to be delivered directly to your inbox… and to other people across the organization.

Scalability: Because the new BI is easily administered, you’ll be able to get BI reports out to the right people in your company – no matter how many people that is!

Additional Security: New security settings for BI ensure that only employees with appropriate security rights view sensitive or specific data.

Multiple Data Sources: With the right knowledge-base on your team, new reporting capabilities in the BI Reporting+ package will allow you to pull data from multiple sources – such as a live replicated RQ4 database or payroll data - into a single report.